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79 short box stepside project

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Well here it is. Bought my lil man this truck so we can work on it while he grows up. 79 short box stepside 2wd. Ive got 12 yrs to get it done lol. My 1st step is to get it running. The motor and trans that are in it are coming out. I want to replace it with a newer 5.3 say early 2000's and an auto transmission.

So my question is.

Does anyone on here know exactly what I need to drop that motor and trans into it?

As far as a motor mount and trans kit?

What do I need as far as the wiring goes from the donor truck?

I drive truck over the road so I dont have alot of time to figure all this out on my own.

So if someone that has done this and has the knowledge give me a parts list to get this step done that would be great. Thanks in advance!!! 


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