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Headlight knob and aux switch lighting intermittent

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Hi there, I have a 2016 GMC 3500hd all terrain SLT. Lately i have noticed that when its dark and the auto headlights come on, and the dash lights, console lights and aux switch lights come on all together and everything is good. Then about a minute later the headlight knob light, the 4wd knob and the aux switch lights go out at the exact same time and remain out for the duration of the drive, super annoying. If i turn on headlights manually it doesnt change anything. Next time i start the truck up and go for a drive, same thing: theyre on for a bit then out they go. There does not seem to be rhyme or reason to this as it just randomly turns off all at once. Not sure why those lights would be the only ones affected, any ideas??

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