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2002 silverado

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hey guys its me again just wondering if there will be any changes on the 2002 trucks mainly the 1500 thats what i am looking at getting trying to decide to get one now or wait. also when will they be shipping them to the dealers i would think maybe august or september. looking at getting a extended cab z71 some were around the ?,000 range. i do alot of snowmobile riding in the winter with the family so the extended cab will be nice to have.

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I ordered mine about 13 months ago, and I'm really glad I waited for it.  4th door was made standard.  My dealer said I might as well wait to order a 2001 and get "all the new electronics".  Whether I got anything new, I'm not sure.  I think he was just trying to sell me a newer truck.  But I'm glad I ordered it.  Gave me more time to save some more money and add a couple items like the sportside bed and buskets.

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I've not read that there are any extra ordinary changes for 2002.

GM's history suggests that they will stay with a winner for a while. I think they're please with design and performance. I heard somewhere that they may play with the 5.3. Any one heard about that?


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My father is thinking about trading his 01 2wd Silverado for a Z71, wishes he had boughten one instead, and the dealer told him, that a new color is coming, I think a orangeish color? Not sure, and 315hp and 360ft/lbs of torque for the 6.0.  I do know that one of the years, amber DRL's will replace the clear ones.  Not sure if it's 02 though.  

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New Features for 2002 (GMC)

1.New trim level content (1SA-Standard, 1SB-SL, 1SC-SLE, and 1SD-SLT

2.Bigger, bolder Sierra tailgate badge

3.Automatic door locks, lock when out of park, unlock in park(with automatic transmission only)

4.Sunshade extender, LH sunshade has pocket instead of storage clip

5.7-way to 4-way trailer adapter incl. with Z82 Trailering Pkg.

6.T96 Fog lamps now incl. with SLT

7. PY0 Aluminum Wheels available on SL

8.UN0 sound system now incl. with SLM

9.AJ1 deep tinted glass now incl. with SLE and SLT

10.DF5 inside rearview electrochromic mirror now incl. with SLE

11.C60 Air conditioning now incl. with SL

12.PCM Cold weather group: incl. DL8 heated power exterior mirror and C49 rear window defogger

Changes for 2002 (GMC)

1.Carpet delete RP0 changes from B69 to PDP

2.K47 air cleaner no longer standard, but is now optional

3.1SA contains no 'SL' B-pillar badge

Deletions for 2002 (GMC)

1.UM6 AM/FM cassette

2.VF7 Rear Spare Bumper delete

3.71 Sunset Orange Metallic


new for 2002 Chevrolet


1.PDC Driver Convenience Package

2.Exterior color (60) Sunset Gold Metallic

3.Exterior color (71) Sunset Orange Metallic

4.UM6 AM/FM Cassette

5.UL0 AM/FM Cassette

6.E95 Tonneau Cover

7.R9D Exterior Appearance Package (Chrome Grille and Chrome Rear Bumper are now standard; Bodyside moldings and chrome styled wheels no longer available on Base models)

new features

1.PCM Electrical Convenience Package (avail. on LS models) incls.Fog lamps Inside, rearview, self-dimming mirror w/8-point compass and outside temperature display

2.Sunshade extender, LH sunshade has pocket instead of storage clip

3.Air conditioning std. on all trim levels

4.UN0 AM/FM CD now available on Base models

5.PDD replaces R9E floor covering package

6.Base radio now has 4 speakers on Regular Cab models


I sure hope that the color deletions aren't correct, because the Sunset Orange and Sunset Gold are the only two colors my Dad would get since they don't have a light blue anymore.  I really think the Sunset Orange is GM's best looking color, and it would be a mistake not to offer it.

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thanks for all the post guys. still looking around even looking at the new trailblazers now seen  a red one toinght looks sweet. and kansas kid i agree the sunset orange is sweet i was looking at one went to the dealer today it was gone come to find out my dads brother's friend bought it at the same dealer. there is one more around this area the same color and same price.

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The Trailblazer does look sharp, especially in LTZ trim.  But for the price of that, you could get one #### of a loaded Silverado/Sierra x-cab Z71 and have change for aftermarket goodies.

As for the new for '02, are the 1500HD's considered '01s or '02s??  I know they're only available as crew cab shortboxes with the 6.0L, but that might be all I really need.

Only other '02 change for the fullsizes that hasn't been mentioned is the addition of the Sierra C3 and the Avalanche.

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