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Suburban alignment problems



I am having unusual tire wear on the inside of my 2004 suburban front tires. An auto service center that I go to on a regular basis checked the alignment, and I was told it was within specifications. Now that I am pursuing this further with the auto dealer, they tell me that the vehicle's alignment can be within the specifications and still need camber adjustments. They tell me that during alignment checks, the technician should also take into consideration the wear on the tire and that even though the alignment is within specs, the technician should make camber adjustments based on the unusual tire wear. This does not sound right to me! Has anyone else had this problem? Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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If both front tires are wearing on the inside edge, the toe is most likely the culprit.  We see it all the time.




Thanks for the quick response. How can tires meet the alignment specs and still need adjustments? Is meeting the alignment specs not sufficient to prevent abnormal ware? How can I prevent this from happening again? Thanks

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