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Low beams not working

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hi guys,

I have a 02 silverado ext cab. there was a nasty rain storm up here in new england and I hit a rather big puddle on my way home this afternoon and thought nothing of it as it is almost the norm on that raod, well after 3 hours at home I was going to run an errand and found that my lowbeams will not come on. the automatic system turns on my marker lights and my fog lights even come on but no low beams, my highbeams work fine though.


I tried to turn them on normally and still nothing I set and released my park break to see if that function may have been stuck but no matter what I do I cant get my lowbeams to work.

I checked the hazard fuse in the under hood fuse box as that was the only one I found that could have blown.


everything works the blinkers the horn the hazard light and the high beams.


Could I have blown the relay? that was the one thing I didnt look at becasue I'm not sure how they work.


Any info would be great!



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