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aux input for stock H/U

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I recently bought an auxillary input adapter (2 RCA input jacks, output to factory harness) for my truck, and I love it.


I was hoping to find the same sort of thing for my wife's car. She drives an '01 Olds Aurora with factory AM/FM CD and cassette. It does not have Bose, OnStar, XM or CD changer.


anyone know where I can find what I need?


Thanks, fellas.

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Here's the one I was using.  It was great, but I sold it, because I got an iPod and wanted to get an adapter that allowed me to switch songs with my steering wheel controls.







I think 01 may have been a bastard year for GM radios. I tried to put one in my friends malibu and couldn't get it to work. It was a 12pin connector, but it would not work. I also contacted PIE about it and they basicly said too bad, we are unaware of any adapter to fit it.

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