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If you've got a 98-up S-SUV when heater core leaks

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Get it going towards a cliff and bail out. Holy crap what a job. I think GM takes a heater core and lays it down at the beginning of an assembly line and then they keep adding parts until they have a truck. The manual calls for dash removal, A/C discharge, then hood, cowl, battery, computer, headlamp, pass fender, wheel well, evaporator case and core, and finally you can unbolt the heater box to get at the core. Well thankfully we were able to say flip that and got by with just the dash, prying the rear of the fender well down with the bolts out, removing the evaporator case insulation cover, and finnally the blower resistor board (there's a bolt inside under there). Worked most of the day and still have the dash to reassemble tommorrow.


Worst part is the book called for 4.3 hours labor, more like 8. This guy is getting a good deal but the next is screwed.



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