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Washed, Wax and ALOT of Polish


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Welp summer time is here so it was time to clean the truck up and make it look nice for a little while.


First wash/wax it has had in going on a year now :insane: Sprayed it off a few times and took it to the hand spray wash 2 times I think but thats about it. Was in desperate need of a little clean time.


Charlie requested pics so here they are.










One of my buddys Furds :seeya:





Cleans up nicely IMO

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Thanks :confused:


Nice truck. Is that Mustang a 5.0?






Hum, well yes and no if that is possible.


It had a 5.0 in it untill it blew, and he now has a 4cly. in it while he is building the new motor. So Yes. No. and Yes again soon lol :cheers:

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