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New Extang "Saber" Tonneau


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Got it installed last night, only took about 20 minutes. Very easy to open/close, seems to stay tight even at higher speeds on the highway. Hoping I get a little bit of highway mileage out of the setup, as well as keep stuff fairly dry in the back if I can. The tailgate works without having to remove anything too, I thought that was a good feature.


The Fitment seems to be right on, you can adjust the height by about an inch, it's on the higher setting now. (Supposedly, according to Extang: higher = more mileage, lower = looks). I'll post back my mileage after a trip to TN this weekend.


Got it from www.autoanything.com with a 15% off coupon, so my total was like $170 shipped.


Anyways, here's the pics.





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Nice, now to get those sprinkler water marks off the side of the truck....just kidding man, looks good. I wish I had a lighter tonneau than the big friggin Aerosport I have. Looks good man. Let us know if it flies off at high-way or extra-highway speeds! :thumbs::P

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