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Ok, so I head up t the part's store on a daily basis. :eek: I know everybody but the new people. And I'm getting to know them. Well one new guy has what he thinks is a fast car. Actually it's a 82-84 elcamino. I am always lookin for a race. Competative is nice but just blowing someone away is even funner. Anyways I saw him takin some gofast (chrome) out to his truck. I made the comment about that'll shave 2 tenths off. He responds basiclly he has it flyin so preety stuff is next. Now my interest is peaked. :D Over the next few day's I learn he has a 400sb in it. I also learn he has installed his new posi. "Ahhh competiton " I thinks to me self. Short lived. He begins to tell me his posi is so good he can't break the tires loose any more. Hmmmmm....... a 400 is a torque monster. :) Smokin the tires even with a posi in an elcamino shold be like pullin a wet gum drop out of a baby's mouth. EASY :P . So I start quizing him harder. What exactly did it run. He tell's me it's at least 2 second's faster with the posi. I can kinda believe him cause a car with traction is much faster than the same one with out it. So I ask him what he ran at the strip after the posi. He sheepishly say's 15.40 but he was asleep at the light. He waited 2 seconds before takin off. So since he sat there for 2 seconds he ran a 13.40. :D I looked at him thinkin surely he's not this stupid. I should have left it alone cause now I have him worried. I explained to him that his clock didn't start until he released the beam, he could have sat there for a week and it still would have been a 15.40. Some guy from across the stores pipes in. "yep clock stay's stopped till ya move" . The dissapointment was obvious, because he had told me he was a set of gears away from pulling the front wheels when he leaves. I asked what time he useually get's off work and he said 5pm. "Cool" I tell him "I may head up one of these nights" I shoulda kept my moth shut. I coulda won some money. Although I have no idea what my v8 Sblazer runs yet in the 1/4. Sometimes it's best not knowing. No guilt. :cool:

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I had a similar situation at the local drag strip.

I was there racing the trophy class, just to have some fun and to see if I could get my 95 Camaro Z28 with the six to go any faster. At that time I regularly visited the track. Well I was in the staging lanes waiting for my class to start and this guy came up and started talking to me about my car. He said that he had thought about buying a Camaro, but he test drove one and said that it wasn't as fast as the Mustang GT tht he bought. :cool:


So I asked him if he was racing and he said yes and made the mistake of showing me where his car was in the staging lanes. So I let him keep talking.


What I forgot to tell him that I new almost all of the workers at the track, so after he was done running his mouth, I went up and talked to the staging lane guy and told him that I wanted to get set up against this guy. So I told him where he was at in the staging lanes.


So when my class started moving up, he stopped my car and had the next staging lane move up. The look on that guy's face when the staging guy put him next to me was priceless.


So long story short, his new 95 Mustang against my 95 camaro, both stock w/manual trans. I beat him to the finish line buy almost 4-5 car lengths.

He went a 14.77 to my 13.76 :)


Needless to say I never saw that guy again at the track.


You got to love the uniformed.

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Well I showed my hand and he backed down. I guess it's a win. Funny 20 min before i challenged him he was talkin about he was still a set of gears from pullin the front wheels. After the challenge to find a clear road he said. "that's alright I think I'll just save the gas"

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