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i was at work today and my buddy said it sounded like i needed a new exhaust.. i aksed why..? he said it sounded like a "putted" down the street... i started my truck and drove off and it sounded like a puff and tick but no performance hit..


i have like 84k and i havent got a tune up or changed the fuel filter in awhile.. do you think that could be it?


also white smoke comes out of my pipes or like 15 seconds when i start my truck from it being cold.



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Sounds like an exhaust leak.


White vapor for a short while at cold start is normal for all vehicles with an exhaust system and a humid climate. Moisture in the air condences overnight and is trapped in the pipes. When you start the engine the heat boils it off. What you see is steam like a tea pot. Now if it does it all the time as in warm starts and when you floor it then that would be burning oil, an internal engine problem.


I'd stop by a muffler shop you can trust and have them check for leaks and or restrictions in the exhaust system.



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