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Borgeson steering shaft


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Please see my post in the thread below:




Simply put, this is by far THE BEST product you can buy for your truck...gives you the "solid" feel at the wheel you should have and eliminates ALL of the dreaded "steering clunk" that everyone is running to the Dealership to get cured with either a so-called "updated" shaft, or by getting a grease job that lasts a few thousand miles or so.


At @ 260 shipped I think it's a small price to pay for the results you get.

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Anyone else interested in trying to get a group purchase on these?






yes. I would love to get a group rate on this product :cheers::cheers:






And this can be done simply by calling, regardless of who answers the phone?

Thanks for your help. :flag::):chevy:





The person who replied to my email about the discount was named Gil Evans in Sales.....hope that help s !

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I just ordered mine...I hope this is the fix cause this pizzzzes me off big time. Hopefully it will take out that old International grain truck feel out of the steering. :thumbs:

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is this the same shaft that Summit Racing sells for $187?







If it is, then you maybe my favorite new member here. :cheers:

Great find.






Someone likes me :P






Yes, it is exactly the same blinking shaft that I just ordered yesterday for 203.00 with their now famous 15% off deal. It never fails. I could be the only person on a deserted island and still get screwed by someone a million miles away.

Good find though! :D:thumbs:

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How hard is it to install. I might just do it when I get new headers, thats after I pay for the truck though.





The install was not hard at all, you just need to make sure that before you tighten everything down that the steering wheel is turned correctly. The shaft is so much thicker, a little persuasion might be necessary compared to the orginal shaft. Total time was about 30 minutes. There are instructions on this website concerning the install under the how to section. The difference in the two shafts is like night and day. :)

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I just finished my install on this steering shaft. I agree with mtallon....not to hard to do. Make sure you slide the new shaft in and out a few times to make it slide when you get it in. It is so much bigger than the stock one......taking the stock one out makes you see why there is a clunk........it is pretty wobbly. I bought this truck used but you could tell the dealer had greased it before.


It wasn't cheap for me though getting it to Alberta.........to my door it cost $310.00c. That's the shaft, shipping, customs and brokerage fee. Mind you if they would ship other than ripoff UPS it probably would be cheaper. I bought direct from Borgson though to. Oh well if it works then I feel it is worth the cost.....that shake and clunk drove me crazy!



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