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Im fixing this post because i logged in under the wrong name and posted about i need to sell these lights, which i do. But just to let everyone know this is the same person and i will be using the cockergod name from now on. thanks.

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Just to give a heads up..


I PM'd the seller inquiring the 2 Screen Names selling the same item. He responded that they were both him and he edited the other post to prove it was him.


I replied back that I'd pass on the deal as it seems a bit suspicious one would have 2 Screen names on the forum, created the same day. But Thanks.


Well.. He didn't like that..


Here was his response back to me


"what ever im over it if believe what u want just dont pm me back because i dont need and of ur bs...dont have time for ignorant people."


Do business as you wish, but I might take a bit of caution???


ok must sell these lights price drop, now 57 shipped




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