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Automatic Tailgate Lock (Pop Lock)

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O.K., installed the automatic tailgate lock from Pop Lock yesterday. I'm happy with the functionality, but d@mn is it loud. When the lock engages or disengages, it makes the loudest clunk sound, that I'm sure is only ampified by the hollow tailgate.


Has anyone else installed one of these and had the same?


I was thinking about a little Dynomat around where the unit mounts in the tailgate.






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Yep its loud - I have one also but actually I like it, I hear that it worked. With that diamondback cover it makes for one secure trunk. ......... I'm still getting asked where I got it all the time. I'm about to get the ATV accessories for it, let you know how that goes.

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True, although I gotta say, after the first lock and unlock cycle, I checked the bolts to make suret they were tight. Thought I might've missed something.


Taco, glad you're enjoying the top. Saw the guys from diamondback at SEMA OffRoad in Indy a couple of weeks ago. If you don't have the newer quick disconect hydraulic rod ends, give'em a call and see if they'll send you a set, they're great. They've also changed the style of lock that they're using, but they weren't handing those out! :cheers:




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