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FS Belltech Drop Spindles P/N 2508


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I have for sale a pair of Belltech 2" drop spindles P/N 2508. Application is for an Escalade, Avalanche, C/K1500 NBS etc. Please see Belltech or Summit racing for complete application. Price is $175 plus shipping. They were $222.39 new from Summit racing on 2/28/06.


I had ordered these from Summit racing for a customer and installed them on his '02 Z66 Avalanche, but then he thought that it dropped the front too much and wanted them taken off. So the parts HAVE BEEN INSTALLED, BUT NOT RUN. But nontheless, I think Summit will not take them back because they have been installed. Hopefully someone here might be able to use them.


For shipping, the box is 17.5" X 17.5" X 12" and is 50 lbs. The origination location is Orlando Florida Zip 32809. I can ship UPS, FexEx, DHL, Airbourne, etc Please calculate your own shipping cost.



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