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Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushings

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Does anyone know if there are any significant differences between the front end control arm bushing on a 2001 GMC Sierra 2500 4x4 (6.0L V8) compared to a 2500 HD 4x4? I'm looking to replace my worn front control arm bushings with Energy Suspension bushings, but on their website, they only list part #3.3185 "Front End Control Arm Bushing Set" for the K2500 HD and nothing for the 2500 LD 4x4.

I searched several threads on the forum where people had asked what the differences were between a 2500 4x4 and a 2500 HD 4x4 and noted that a few people mentioned that all the parts in the front suspension were identical. Is this really true?

Does anyone know if the stock part numbers for the front end control arm bushings are the same for a 2500 LD vs. a 2500 HD?

Thanks for your assistance to hopefully solve this mystery.

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I did some more research and to follow up, at http://www.suspension.com/gm4wd.htm

they list that FRONT CONTROL ARM BUSHING SET 3.3185 does fit the 01-02 K2500 4WD, so this adds more support to the argument that the front suspension components are the same on the 2500 LT 4x4 vs 2500 HD 4x4. 


Can anyone confirm for me that this is right?  Thanks.





As long as your regular 2500 has an 8600GVW(8 Lug) then Energy kit 3.3185 will fit on your truck with no problems. I have put this kit on my 02 2500 Suburban and they fit just fine. And just for the record the 2500(8600GVW-8 Lug)) and the 2500HD have the identical front ends. Everything including steering components(2500's built after 08/2000), brake components, UCA's and LCA's are all the same.

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