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just got a new eclipse stereo the cd3000 this thing is awesome and i havent even got my amps or all the speakers for my truck yet. it looks really nice in my truck it goes with the color of my radar detector and you can tilt the screen different angles. ive got some 4x6 infinity components in the rear pillars of my regular cab so i faded a little more to those otherwise i have the 6.5 stock in the doors but im getting all new kicker stuff. kicker rs 6.5 components with an amp to push 175 watts they max out at 200 so its good. a kicker 15" l7 square that ima have to custom make a fiberglass box for. running off a 1500watt kicker amp the sub is 1000rms 2000 watt max so thats good. Just got the box of dynamat shipped to my house and i have all the amp wiring. i was thinking for a regular cab its gonna be LOUD . the only bad thing about the headunit is the small buttons used for the channels on the fm otherwise its flaweless with its 2 amp hookups in back and one sub hookup. oh yah love the mp3 i just put 12 cds on one and im thinking of getting rid of my 10 disc cd changer.

heres a link

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