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04 char. gray silverado 3" lift, grille guard


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update: added 1 winch picture. rest can be seen @ My Webpage


great site ya'll have here!



just wanted to share my two chevy's. the first is an 04 silverado that belonged to my grandfather. he passed away back at christmas and i inherited the truck. i felt like the truck is all i have left of him now, so i have put all of my emotion into it the last few months. it was a just a stock truck when i started with it. i put a PA 3" body lift, t & h grille guard, nerf bars, 35" maxxis mudders, and 16" ion wheels. the grille guard and the nerf bars are sprayed with a spray on bedliner type stuff i got from ebay called liner xtreme. i really like the stuff so far. i sprayed the tub in my jeep a year ago and it has done well so far, no complaints. i plan on spraying the bed of this truck in the future. this truck also has a 12000 lb mile marker on it with a wireless remote as well as a wired remote for backup. the pictures are pre-winch, so i'll post them when i get some. it is a custom hideaway install. i did not like the warn hideaway kit, because it left the fairlead off center, so i customed my own hideaway. the nerf bars were raised up to the body with custom brackets, and i added the ford torsion keys to level the front up. truck also has a 200 amp alternator, two optima yellow tops, a batt. isolator, and a 2500 watt inverter. i have many more mods to come for it, so check back regularly. plans include multiple lcds, magnaflow, programmer, ram air hood, k & n kit, a rear hideaway winch,


the tahoe is a 98. it has 285 revo duelers on it with epic marquis wheels. it has three monitors in it, one in dash, and two visor. i want to do a 2" body lift on it. a few words to the folks @ GM, BRING BACK THE TWO DOOR!!!!


anyhow i'll post some more pics soon.


great site guys, glad i found ya'll! :D

















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What width are those tires? I had trouble fitting 33's on my truck with a 6" lift..i just dont understand how other people seem to have no problems with it.


I realize suspension lifts increase the track of the truck and my 33's are quite wide (13.5") but I would like to eventually move to 35's and i just dont see how they wouldnt rub all over the place.

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