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  2. Just circling back to close the thread for posterity. I got the Longview mirror extensions (LVT-1800). They worked pretty well. Never had vibration issues and image quality was good. The right side didn't go out wide enough to suit me, but it was much better than nothing. Overall, I'd not want to go on an extended trip with them, but for the occasional trip they're fine. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  3. Just looking at this is embarrassing. It's not a "Blazer" type vehicle. No frame, no ruggedness, just another car based "SUV". I say SUV because that's how people are referring to these crossovers now. I still correct them but it's a losing battle. So Ford is bringing back the Bronco and Chevy is making another car and giving it a truck name. Brilliant. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  4. A couple days ago I replaced my tires after some pretty extensive research. Stock 275/55 20. One of the questions I asked in the process was whether I would consider raised white letter. Easy choice. No tire I considered offered the option in my size. ended up w Continental Terrain Contact AT.
  5. I just got sick of mickey mouse leaf springs and pathetic payloads and thus stopped buying half tons unless I was looking for a commuter car. Sub 2000 lb payloads can tow but it's a lot more effort and planning lol. To each their own I guess. The whole fifth wheel thing here is pretty silly though... anyone that tows anything in their life knows a fifth wheel distributes weight better but that's what the internet gets you!
  6. Enhanced Driver Alert Package

    Does yours ever fail and cross the center lane and not alert you? Once again, the manual says If the vehicle departs the lane, the light will change to amber and flash. In addition, beeps will sound or the driver seat will pulse. This is my main issue. That and I don't think my FCA works, but not sure how to test it beyond the inappropriate driving I have already done. LOL I don't think I have ran across anyone that has it work like the GM video says.
  7. Can someone describe how to "Untag" a singer for the radio? I accidentally 'Tagged' a performer and every time she appears I get the notice.
  8. They will never come back with anything to compare to my '77 Blazer. No frame, but no frame rusting either....have to touch up the snot undercoating on my Silvy every two months. Same stupid design as my '08 Trailblazer with the rear seats over the rear axle, rear passengers get a humping when the vehicle gets a bumping......should have a Dramamine dispenser as an option. At least me old Trailblazer was a native RWD truck with a frame and transfer case.....this is nothing more than a puffed up native FWD Equinox on a unit body. That being said, it ain't no gen2 Traverse either, and the gen2 Traverse ain't no Traverse either......Chevy just stuck an old nameplate on a completely redesigned vehicle which bears no resemblance to the gen1s other than they share round tires. Stretched version puts the rear seats in front of the rear axle ans has the features and ride of an Old vista cruiser. At 0-60 in 6 sec V6/ 9 spd.with ave. 26 mpg with the passenger and cargo capacity of a Suburban, a great grocery grabber alternative to the Silverado and it can carry 4'x 8' sheets of plywood/wall board flat, inboard with the hatch closed which is something my standard bed Silvy can't do with the gate up. Upscale models with active 2WD/AWD switching and dual clutch rear axles can give the traction performance of a transfer case 4WD. And the with variable ratio steering hydraulic front suspension and anti-dive multi link rear suspension gives the handling performance of a sports car.....actually fun to tear a$$ on back roads with hills and tight turns when the old lady isn't riding shotgun. Silvy rides and handles like a scow in comparison, but the Traverse can't fit a tall object or tow anything over 5K total including passengers. Truck or SUV? A matter of fitting the tool to the job.
  9. A/C Condenser

    I seriously doubt that the dealership “just patched” your condenser and then sold it back to you as an oem replacement unit. The legal risk for doing such a bone-headed act is so far off the charts it can’t be given serious consideration. About the silver tape; maybe hit it with a can of black spray paint?
  10. Today
  11. I wonder why these are not popular Lmfao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGeUSjRMlQ4
  12. Imo whenever telling someone not to install hid’s in stock non-projector housings, I don’t think the illegal arguement is much motivation. the real reason not to do is because it makes you an a-hole
  13. Buzzing noise coming from under truck

    Fuel pump? Not much else under there that draws power and would sound like that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Chit chat

    Nope - not me! I still rock a flip phone.
  15. Hood stays on, just propped straight up after removing the two bolts holding the springs to the hinge.Trans stays in, pretty straight forward job,cooling fans removed, cooling system drained and hoses disconnected, wiring harnesses are moved aside,exhaust disconnected but engine pipe stays in the truck.Intake manifold comes off before the engine is pulled so you can access upper trans bellhousing bolts and fuel pipes,evap pipes etc. AC evacuated and lines removed from compressor , starter ,torque converter bolts and motor mount bolts and thats pretty much it.I pull the right side exhaust manifold while in the truck to allow the engine to turn side ways to get it out past the radiator support and the firewall, tight squeeze but it goes in and out without damage.
  16. Hanks for the reply. I was hoping they were going to replace the whole thing. It really bothers me looking st it every time I walk to me truck.... 🤔
  17. Reinstalled original trim
  18. Did they replace the whole trim piece or just make it work? Mine seems to be bowed and missing the clips that hold it down flat.
  19. Only thing with k2s is changing the headunit isnt a great idea as everything runs through it. Unless you get thr apline restyle unit. Which is not worth the 1200 price tag
  20. Warranty issue. Had a similar problem myself
  21. New to the Forum!

    Thank you everyone! Really appreciate it!
  22. 2016 Silverado will be 2 years old on July 1st. Wife and I were out tonight and when we left the last spot, AC took a minute to fire up which I noticed to be unusual. Also, the white backlights on the dash are not lit up on the AC controls, also unusual. AC finally starts to blow but it is not cold. What I find confusing is that there was no build up to this failure. I would expect a failing AC to gradually build up to a total failure, not it working literally 1 hour prior to it not working. Based on this, my optimistic side would like to think this is a simple fix. AC systems are not something I’m good at diagnosing so I’m at the mercy of a mechanic or the good folks of this forum. My pessimistic side is ready to throw in the towel on this truck. The fuel pump went out at 35,000 miles and now the AC. I have a front end chatter started after installing the front end level kit. It’s been looked at by 3 different shops and no one can tell me why. This truck has been nothing but problems. The AC is my major concern because I live in south Texas and AC is as important as fuel here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Sorry, think I mixed you up with someone else on the vibration deal. That LTX is a highway tread. Pretty much useless here in the snow belt. We average 180 inches of snow from November to April (those in the upper Great Lakes and Canada get more. It's an hour to the Canadian border from here). Truck wouldn't get out of it's own way with that kind of pattern.
  24. Could it be some sort of cleaning product you are using? Just a thought.
  25. Should be a GT or GU code. Connect with GM customer service on the site here and request a build sheet.
  26. 2017 GMC Denali CCSB and on my diver side right above the door on the top of exterior of the cab the long piece of trim that spans the length of the roof keeps coming off towards the back. It looks like it may be missing some clips that hold it down. There is only one on the very back right above the rear window that is a small round piece of metal that holds the end of it. About one a week it comes off by itself. The passenger side is perfect and totally flat. Drivers side looks like it is bowing. Any ideas? Possible warranty issue? Been this way since I got it and was going to wait till my next free oil change to bring it up.....
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