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  1. Wanted to let you know that you are absolutely correct about the loading of the machines. In the attached photo, the dealership loaded them incorrectly and I couldn't drive over 65mph without major sway. The cool thing is that the truck was compensating for the sway as it was detected and you could feel it apply the brakes & cut back engine power to bring it back under control. I am going to load the trailer either by backing the toys both on or by driving the first one on and backing the second one on to get the best tongue weight. I knew that the trailer probably wasn't going to tow as well as I wanted when the back of the truck only dropped about 3/4" when it was loaded. The trailer itself didn't drop the rear but 1/4" and it weighs 2,350lbs. with an unknown tongue weight. I am thinking of getting the Weigh Safe hitch ball mount to help me get the proper weights distributed. I am eventually still wanting to get the aluminum enclosed trailer, but the deal that I cut on the UTVs made me take the equipment trailer and make a move sooner than I was anticipating. All that said, I averaged 15.5mpg towing empty at speeds of 70-75mph heading down to pick up the cargo and the truck was practically like it didn't even care that the empty trailer was attached. On the way back, I used tow/haul and you could tell that it had a little bit of weight attached to snatch around. Driving back North and actually gaining elevation the whole return trip with the additional estimated weight of approx. 3,200lbs considering the toys were filled with fuel and I had an two additional sets of tires & wheels in the bed of the truck, We averaged 13.1mpg at 65mph. The truck only downshifted a few times on pretty decent hills which impressed me compared to the 8 speed in the other truck. I figure that the total load with passengers and everything else we took was around 6,300lbs. As easy as the truck handled the load, I believe the enclosed trailer will not be a major issue to tow being that the weight of it and the open equipment trailer are almost identical. The major issue will obviously be the brick effect of the front of the enclosed trailer cutting through the wind.
  2. Thanks everyone! It is a 6.2v8 and it is a definite improvement from the 17'. I feel like it is more controlled in the suspension dept. and doesn't float like the Cadillac ride of the Denali although more truck like. I initially wasn't totally impressed with the truck in comparison to the 17', but after spending 1,500 miles behind the wheel on some long drive trips, I am ready to trade the Denali for another new style! BTW, my wife took this truck from me! LOL
  3. I guess I'm on the weird side or something, but in my opinion to pay what any of the new trucks cost and then actually use them off road is not my idea of acceptable. It would be better to just get an older vehicle that costs considerably less or better yet an atv or such that is purpose built for off road riding. Anyway, here's my AT4 with 22" GM Accessories black chrome coated wheels and Nitto Ridge Grapplers in an LT285/50/22 which is a 33.5" tire set up. As you can tell, they're a good bit wider than stock. I really like the way it rides and handles albeit a tad harsher, but way better handling in turns. If you see this truck off roading call 911, cause it was obviously stolen! LOL! Seriously, I will drive it in the snow which is rare in the South and it could see a dirt road or two as well.
  4. We put the Ridge Grapplers on the AT4 and the fact that they're an LT tire, they actually stiffen the ride up a bit. I noticed a definite harshness that the factory tires didn't have, but as a trade off, they seem to have less sidewall flex and the truck handles better in turns.
  5. I don't have it either. My son said that he thought that he read where you have to download the app?
  6. I bought an AT4 with the 20s and then changed those to an OE 22" with a Nitto Ridge Grappler. The ride did get a tad firmer due to the LT tires, but it feels more planted and stable. As far as the shocks, I had a 14' Silverado Z71 that had Ranchos and a 17' 2500 Silverado z71 for the farm with Ranchos as well. Both of those trucks were actually awful to ride in and felt as rough as a 3500 dually unloaded IMO. I drove a friend's 2500 identical to mine that had Bilstein on it and it rode exceptionally well for an HD truck. That all said, I sold my farm and no longer figured that I needed a truck for daily commutes and work and I really didn't need the extra tow capacity, so we traded both for a 17' Denali 1500 which has the magnetic ride shocks. I can tell you that other than the Ram air suspension trucks, I have never driven another truck that rode as well as this one does. We ended up making it our "family car" since it is so nice and rides and drives so smooth. Fast forward two and a half years later and I was tired of driving a small sedan even though I was averaging 31mpg. I don't care who says otherwise, but you just can't make a unibody front wheel drive Mcpherson strut based car ride as well with minimal road noise like a body on frame truck or suv. We just took a weekend getaway around 300 miles and I actually think that the new AT4 with the Ranchos it has may ride a tad nicer than my Denali. It's not as plush obviously, but it doesn't wallow around and it has minimal body lean in turns. I also feel like it soaks up hard bumps a little nicer than the 17' Denali. Just my observations......
  7. I've got a set just West of Atlanta. Complete takeoffs with center caps, tpms sensors and factory tires with less than 100 miles on them. I'm needing to get $1,200.00 for the set. Thanks
  8. The dealership had installed these when I bought the truck a week ago. They said these were from a 14-18 truck. I can tell you that there is very little room between the spokes and the front brake calipers. They're called black chrome finish and they have 285/50/22 Nitto Trail Grappler tires with no suspension modifications. Definitely rides more truck like or harsher than a comparable truck with stock tires and wheels, but not too bad and the look is worth it as is the capabilities of an "LT" E rated tire.
  9. Thanks steve841. Here's the exact truck that I drove, and then ordered based on it with the exception of the 22" wheels which aren't available with the Max Tow. I'm going to add the 22's back with a little heavier rated tire once I get the truck.
  10. Anyone towing an aluminum enclosed trailer? I'm looking at an EZ Hauler 8.5x20 v nose that has a curb weight of roughly 2,500lbs and I m told that the tongue weight is 12% or 300lbs unloaded. I will be hauling two Can Am UTV's weighing around 3,000lbs combined inside. I'm not sure how the tongue weight will change with the cargo loaded. Both vehicles will be nose to tail since they are 19' long and the extra 2' of v in the front end will be nice to keep them from touching and allow for add on bumpers etc. The truck that I have ordered is the 19' High Country 6.2 Max Tow crew cab 4wd. The truck does have a sunroof which will lower the payload. I will also have 4 adults inside as well as luggage and other necessities adding 800lbs. I am assuming that the truck shouldn't have any issues at all with the 3.42 ratio and the 10 speed in addition to the 6.2 v8. I've only towed these "windsock" trailers with diesel trucks in the past which of course didn't make any difference whatsoever in the truck's feeling of being worked. I just don't want to be too unimpressed if at all after owning the HD.. I'm not going to be towing but one or maybe two weeks a month, although the trips will be mostly interstate at fair speeds and for 4-5 hours each way. I commute 150 miles per day with my job and driving an HD truck with the maintenance costs and rougher ride qualities make me lean back to the 1500 trucks. Your thoughts and experiences are greatly appreciated!
  11. I wouldn't be towing over 6,500lbs. Aluminum 8.5x20 enclosed v nose trailer. Actually waiting on a Max Tow High Country 6.2 crew cab 4wd to arrive at the dealership to compare the payloads. I guess, I still don't understand the reasoning for not putting a forged wheel like the HD trucks use in their 20" versions, but rather a forged 22" for the aesthetics as an available option. I wonder how to find the factory 20" vs 22" wheel weight capacities?
  12. I like the High Country trucks with the 22" wheels and found out that you can't get the Max Tow Pkg with those wheels. After looking at this, I looked to see if the max tow trucks with the 20" wheels used an "LT" 10 ply tire for the load as well as a stronger wheels, but it appears that the wheels and tires are the same as a non max tow truck. The tire in the 20" size 275/60/R20 has a max load of 2,679lbs whereas the 22" size 275/50/R22 would have a max load of 2,403lbs. I'd dare venture to guess that the load ratings on the wheels should be similar between the two sizes. I would also assume that GM would rather stay away from the LT tires on the 1500s to keep the smoothest ride since these trucks are known for their car like ride. I guess one could just order a Max Tow truck and then swap the wheels for 22s with and LT tire and actually have more load carry ability. Any thoughts?
  13. I work at a GM store and I am looking at getting a new body Silverado and ran across this issue myself. I want the "HD Surround Vision" camera package, but I am finding out that it isn't compatible with the "Accessory Trailer Camera System". I have been researching and the option code for HD Surround Vision is "UV2"(vision 360 view) and that the option code for the Trailering Camera and Rear View system is "UVI"(vision 270 & trailer view). I preliminarily have found that the harness on a particular High Country crew cab truck with the 360 view(UV2) also lists the 270 view(UVI) as an option that it also supports. I am thinking of ordering the correct rear trailer harness receptacle that has the camera ports as shown in the above photos to see if it indeed plugs directly into the truck harness. If it passes that test, I am going to plug in one of the trailer accessory cameras and see if it actually fires up and works. If you will notice that the receptacle in the photo shows the receptacle to have a port on the left for an interior view trailer camera. If you have been following, that is one of the selling points on the new 2020 HD trucks that have yet to arrive. They are supposed to offer 15 camera views as per the ads. It appears that GM has installed these in the 2019 light duties and I would guess that they will offer upgrades that will support both trailer views in the future with programming and another camera through the accessory division. I will post updates once I test my theory.
  14. I have a new 17' Duramax myself and I've now heard of three, make that four counting yours with issues regarding the DEF tank and system. A friend of mine at the dealership where mine was from has seen a harness issue, a connector that never was even added to the harness missing and the newest one is the DEF control module which is mounted UNDER the DEF tank that has went bad. All of these trucks have been under 500 miles and the CEL lights were illuminated. I can't believe how ignorant the engineering dept would be to mount the electronic control module under the DEF tank with only a thin metal protecting bracket underneath of it for protection! If that wasn't bad enough, just imagine all of the water from the rain slung from the right front tire while driving or better yet a water crossing when offroad that the module will be subjected to. Electronics don't mix well with water as we all know. This module should have been placed under the hood with the other electronics higher up in the body. I've attached a file showing the module that I requested from the parts guys after hearing of this. I wonder if anyone will make a relocation kit with extended harnesses? Very bad design here, maybe as bad as having no rear hvac vents in the center console for the crew cab passengers. Guess we will see how this issue evolves and what action will be taken to correct it. Image.pdf Image.pdf Image.pdf Image.pdf
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