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  1. Hi everyone, 2015 Sierra 1500 with 5.3 and 6 spd. with 130k km(81kmiles). Transmission has been smooth all its life. Did the usual this morning by starting it and let it heat up around 5 mins before heading out. Truck did not want to shift passed second gear for a good 4-5 miles. After that back to normal. Anyone ever experience this?
  2. Was filling the washer fluid last night and found the hose between engine and radiator appear to be leaking. Anyone know what this hose is? 2015 Sierra 1500 with 5.3L.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. So if I understand, it's the voltage fluctuation that is the problem on those?
  4. So far my truck has been going through a headlight bulb every 6 months. At $50 each they're not cheap. Found out the passenger one is burnt last night and went on Amazon and ordered a set of LED Sealight for $50 with hopes they will last longer. Question is, anyone here has them that would have comments on those? https://www.amazon.ca/H11-Headlight-Conversion-Approved-SEALIGHT/dp/B079KB7QX3/ref=au_as_r?_encoding=UTF8&Make=GMC|48&Model=Sierra 1500|548&Year=2015|2015&ie=UTF8&n=6948389011&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive
  5. That's pretty much the only way I can explain why they'd both go down the same amount of pressure overnight. And yes followed the instruction and cut the lines as straight as it can be.
  6. Hey guys, Installed airlift 5000 air bags yesterday. Left them with 30 psi of pressure overnight. Checked them in the morning and they were both equally down to 21 psi. Checked for leaks and doesn't appear to be leaking anywhere. The temperature dropped 15 degrees C overnight. Could this have affected the airbags this much? I have a 32' camper with about 650lbs hitch weight. If any of you have a similar setup, what pressure do you run them when towing? Took off Timbren suspension helpers to put the airbags. Even with 30psi in the bags for the test ride the truck rides a ton smoother. Took longer to take the rubber blocks than it took to install the airbags. As long as I don't have any pressure issues I'll be satisfied with the switch.
  7. 1) If you stick to P rated tire changes in mpg should be minimal but going bigger will still affect your mpg. If you're going to drive on gravel roads or tow anything regularly I'd suggest to go to a LT tire. This will affect you mpg quite a bit more but will add stability and reduce the chances of making a flat. 2) Any type of lift or level will affect the stock ride. They all change the geometry of the truck. Mine has a 2" RC front level. Made it stiffer but I'm ok with it. 3) Those a good truck with a solid powertrain. Only had 1 real issue with my 2015 so far which was an electrical issue (power brake module got water in it). So if you take good care of it it'll last.
  8. Hey guys, Any of you have a crew cab short box with a ladder rack? Pics, Info and Reviews would be appreciated!
  9. They look great! But I do have the brake controller. The way the interior is set up on this truck there's not really much spots for additional switches.
  10. Hey all, Planning to install a few auxiliary lights on my truck and wonder if any of you have already installed switches in your truck? I have full console. If any of you have any photos of your setup and how you got the wires in the cab it would be appreciated.
  11. Ran both these tires year round in Canada. They both did good in winter. I now have KO2's but truth be told it was the white lettering that made me go with them over the Toyo. My Ko2's are getting high in mileage so I now run a set of studded winter tires in the winter now.
  12. Higher pressure will help reduce sway. I tow a 32' trailer that's about 7000lbs with 700lbs tongue weight. First time I hauled it had about 45psi in my tires and it didn't handle great. I run LT tires so pressured up to 70psi and it made quite a difference.
  13. The materials used is from 3M. The same place also offers the clear one but since there's already some chips in the paint I thought it would be better to hide it.
  14. Yes I did. It was around $1,200 for black and then a few hundred extra if I wanted color match.
  15. Thanks for that. They quoted me $280 installed to cover under the molding and the rocker. It's 3M material so should last awhile.
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