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  1. Thanks for the info! Roughly how thick is that rubber? I’ve got a piece of rubber I’m thinking to cut like this.
  2. That’s sucks, sorry to hear. I’m thinking to try the rubber between the leaf suggestion or maybe even put some spring clamps on that front section. Total bs though to have to do anything with a 60k plus truck with 500 miles on it.
  3. I did see that bulletin. I noticed it on mine with like 300 miles while backing in my driveway. I haven’t been out in any bad weather so it’s not debris and wouldn’t think the ubolts are loose. I was going to torque them for the heck of it but didn’t get a chance. There’s definitely play somewhere in the springs that’s causing it. Let us know how you make out with yours.
  4. Do they have any answer as to what’s wrong with them? Just bought mine 3 weeks ago and noticed the same noise. When I get under it and have someone rock it the noise sounds like it’s coming from either the front bushings or the rebound clamps. I have the max trailering package. I’m wondering if this is an issue with all their springs.
  5. Dealer ordered my Slt with 6.2, max trailering and slt premium plus 2/8. Told me yesterday that target production week is 3/1/21. I was surprised how quick I have a target week considering some others stories.
  6. Never tried this to see if it stops the squeaking but it might help if you wax the mating surface so the gasket doesn’t stick as much.
  7. I had the same exact part of the window break on my 2016 Sierra. Remote started it one day while snowblowing so I could move it and next thing I know there was glass in the bed. At the time I was pretty sure I didn’t hit it with anything from the snowblower because the glass blew outward and I never point the chute towards it. There was literally no glass inside the truck either. Seeing someone else have the same issue leads me to believe there’s something wrong with the defrost on these windows because I know mine comes on when I use remote start.
  8. I have a set of GM 22" rims with Bridgestone dueler HL Alenza Plus tires on them. Ever since I bought them I've been having a vibration between 40-50mph after the truck sits overnight and especially when colder. Have brought them back to be roadforce balanced and that didn't fix it. Started to think I was having torque converter issues the way the truck would shake but it would only do it for a little until the truck was driven a bit and then it'd smooth out. Finally put the original 20" wheels back on over the weekend and no more vibration. Smooth as glass. I'm thinking now that for some reas
  9. Didn't change mine myself but had it replaced by a local glass repair place this past winter when it blew out. You have to pull the back seat out to get at where the motor portion is for operating the slider. They screwed up putting my seat back so it rattled like crazy and scuffed all the dark brown trim right below the window with the brackets on the back of the seat when they put it back. Made them replace the trim pieces and fix the seat. It's fairly good now although every so often I hear something coming from the rear passenger seat. Overall not a difficult job but things can get messed
  10. I've seen many different posts about these transmissions but don't recall that number. Any specifics on what they do for it and when it came out?
  11. By far my favorite exhaust. Had it on my 15 sierra and now on my 16 sierra. The sound is just music to my ears. Get quite a few compliments on the sound. Had it at the garage yesterday for the last free service and I could hear the service guy when he started it say wow haha. Then you could tell as he was driving it in to put it on the lift he was testing it a little so he could hear it. I'd recommend it to anyone if you want to hear what a V8 should really sound like when you get on it but also have something quiet when you're easy on the throttle.
  12. Wuznme, what's the suspension on your truck? Do you have max trailering, z71 or 4x4?
  13. I'm pretty sure it is the bigger wheels. Had a very slight shimy with my 20s but it's way worse now. Never had the vibration around 70 like a lot of people have though. Mine is around 40-45 and it comes and goes at different times. Smaller/stiffer sidewall is the culprit no doubt. To me just feels like the rear axle is shimmying. I'm just thinking the suspension is amplifying the affect because the shocks are so shitty and mushy on these max trailering trucks. If I get on the back and bounce it it's like it's almost only springs.
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