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  1. TruXP Exhaust

    I emailed them with the ebay listing that shows them in stock. I anticipate they'll say that is inaccurate like they told me last time this happened. Some say they have good customer service, but I've yet to experience it.
  2. TruXP Exhaust

    I wonder if they cancelled my order because they didn't want to honor the price I was charged.
  3. TruXP Exhaust

    I bought one of the outlaw style systems yesterday for $309 and today they cancelled my order because it was "out of stock". Ironically, Auto Anything's eBay site lists 10+ in stock. This is the second time that I've lumped a few add on's to an order from them, only to have the main portion of the order to get cancelled because it was not in stock.
  4. You might be able to find someone to trade trucks with you. Mine is leveled on 5100's/33's and something like your truck is what I am craving.
  5. I have 5100s on all 4 corners and the truck rides way better then it did stock. It is definitely stiffer, but no way near as stiff as something like a sports car. Here's mine on 20's with the 5100s at the highest setting. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  6. I tossed mine after they were removed. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  7. I brought my 2014 in today. They are going to do "kryptonite" to fix it.... Said it'll be about a 7+ hr job. My truck had 15k miles and the entire frame is rusted. He said this is becoming a common issue. Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
  8. Dent wizard works great, but it won't fix the paint chips. In some places they can use a tool to wedge the dents out (like in doors), but sometimes they have to drill an access hole, which is then plugged with a small rubber gasket. I had 3 large dents pulled from my last car (prior to trading it in) for about $150..couldn't even tell they were ever there. Depending on the paint chips, I've had great success with Dr Colorchip for small chips and Langka for larger ones.

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