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  1. Had my 2019 flushed by the dealer and the shifts are harsher than before the flush. It seemed better for the first 4-500 miles than got worse.
  2. My next purchase after my shocks arrive and are installed.
  3. The tailgate is almost a thin as aluminum foil.
  4. All I can tell you is I decided to not take the auto stop eliminator off of my 2019 5.3 9 speed and no smoke or flashing lights. My truck became much smother and shifts smother. So if I unplug the range I think the auto stop eliminator will work as normal. Cant check that for you at the moment. Back surgery. Read the earlier post concerning personal experiences with the range and 6.2/10 speed
  5. From the way it reads I believe it is the range. That came from the Range website
  6. Question Why do I get a notice that OnStar Diagnostics Report didn't run? Answer The quick answer is - the OnStar report occurs once a month and it does not like ANYTHING (Progressive SnapShot, Range Module, DashHawk, DashBoss, etc.) plugged into the OBD2 port when it runs. HOWEVER, the latest firmware (8.6+) has a more "stealthy" mode and is invisible, so it DOES NOT affect the OnStar report for most vehicles most of the time. HOWEVER, there may be a case where the Onstar hits the vehicle when running or driving, and at those times it MAY give an error.
  7. 2019 RST with 7000 miles rides like it does not have any shocks on it. I have a 96 Silverado that rides 10 times better, It came with Bilsteins on it. The 2019 also badly needs Sway Bars on it. Again the 1996 Rides Flat here in the mountains compared to the 2019 that leans extremely bad in the curves
  8. Mine just started this crap also. No nav but has Apple Car Play Using iPhone working OK 2019 RST
  9. They Range AFM & DFM (Active/Dynamic Fuel Management) Disabler Its alive!! https://webapi.rangetechnology.com/products/afm-dfm_disabler/
  10. Can you supply contact info for the company Thanks!!
  11. I need this on my RST passenger seat. It sits ridiculously low. The wife can barely see over the hood. Will try to do a search on the vendor. Thanks
  12. Thanks all I have a JLT Performance 3086D-B on its way from summit. My main concern was if say I had a catastrophic failure and had to be towed into a dealer ship for warranty work. Those people aren't always very intelligent. Once had a bendix gear stuck in the ring gear when i tried to crank a car (under warranty). Had it towed in and the service writer told me the engine was seized.
  13. Looks great Any idea if the threaded end extends into the oil pan past flush or if it is flush with with the inside of the pan. Not sure if that makes sense but hope you understand.
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