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  1. First off….,lifting a truck kills performance and MPGs….hence why I can’t stand lifted trucks! Second a 6.2L has 110 more HP and 30 more Ft Lbs of TQ………….idk where u got 62 and 22 ft lbs less?? Third the new T1s are so damn huge in the front end that MPGs on the 6.2Ls really hinder it. My K2 6.2L and even the 2 5.3Ls all got above 23 mpgs going 70 mph. My new high country has to stay in the 66-67 mph to even compete. Even at 80 mph running up interstate. My K2s would achieve 20 mpg. If I go above 70 mph in my T1. I wont achieve 20 mpg. That’s my really only complaint from the new body style. Hopefully you have great luck with your 2.7L HO. From what I have read and heard. They are a nice little motor. Especially if u do live in higher elevations.
  2. The calipers on the T1s are larger so many of the K2 wheels do not clear the calipers. I believe the snowflakes are one of the only wheels that work. Don’t quote me but many have had issues with the calipers clearance on the T1 trucks. Also GM is having supply issues with some of their wheel options. Hopefully u can get a set u like.
  3. Or a 6.2L………….like the older 6.0L. But yes, a 3.6L turbo black wing motor would suffice Im guessing!!!
  4. Seriously?? That’s why they made the turbo 4 cylinder! For fuel economy. If u wanted power they offer 2 V8s, and you get a wonderful exhaust note along with it.
  5. Maybe because a 4 banger is mostly bought for fuel economy!? And throwing bigger tires and a lift on it will destroy what it’s main purpose was built for!?!
  6. My K2 Sierra destroys this T1 Silverado in Furl Economy. I have to keep it at 66-67 mph and baby it while accelerating in my Silverado 22-23ish compared to normal driving and cruise set at 70 mph 24 mpgs all day long in the Sierra. But the T1 does drive and ride way better. It has to be that damn HUGE front end and I mean huge!! They are hard to see over/around. No wonder why they gave it so many camera angles
  7. @todd308 They are all lifted pavement pounding princesses!!! No one paying those prices are taking them seriously off road for their intended purposes. Never have liked lifted trucks. I totally agree with you on the “SS” model. GM should market the hell out of it and be the first to really offer a sport truck. Trucks have turned into luxury family haulers. Might as well give it an aggressive stance, dual exhaust, supercharged, paddle shifting machine. Unfortunately good old liberal Mary has her mind set on EVs which is still way to far off from where it needs to be at.
  8. I sold mine with 99k in 2014 for a loaded GMC Acadia. Loved the ride of the Acadia and needed a more “family hauler” back then. Man I wish I would have just kept it and bought the Acadia out right but wife and I were not financially set like we are now. Sure to miss the SS though. Man glad u enjoyed yours. 100k in two years is a $h!t ton of miles and smiles!!!
  9. I’ve never had an issue racing an ecobust or 5.0L. Neighbor at my old house had 5.0 and bragged how fast it was. It was decent but not a 6.2L. They just “pull” so well all the way till they hit the limiter. I’m at 1100 here in Iowa. Now a Raptor is another story. But they are geared differently and that helps them. A Ram Hemi is no contest. Buddy has had 2. After first one he refuses to race again. And new one is ETorque. Doesn’t help anyways. If GM had retuned the refresh to 450+ HP I would have jumped on the high trade in value and got one. Just didn’t do enough for ME personally. I don’t mind interior of my truck. It suffices!
  10. Premium was $1 more today. I still choose premium because I bought a damn 6.2L for “the power”. I also read an article that came out yesterday about the high cases of defaulting auto loans. So many “fools” over budgeted themselves during the pandemic because they had the government money coming in, interest rates were low, and they WANTED something new. Not thinking about the consequences of what the future holds. Well it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I just pray we as a society can get through it without more chaos!!
  11. Mine is factory like other 2 gentleman’s vehicle. I have 6 ft 6 in box and it goes wheel well to wheel well. Nice and easy to clean back window stepping up onto extended board.
  12. Ya. I remember reading an article back in 2005 when GM was developing the SS Trailblazer and they did talk about “throwing turbos” on the inline 6, and it made good power, but they stated in the article they wanted that “robust V8” engine rumble and put in the out going 6.0L corvette motor. Which I’m glad they did because man I loved the vehicle. Sometimes you look back and say to yourself…..”why did I ever get rid of it”? If we only knew!!!
  13. Especially below, at, and reasonably around sea level. That’s why I wish TFLTruck would go to sea level and do drag races some times. The ecobust has such an advantage in higher elevations. Reading the comments the Ford fanboys always gloat. I just chuckle.
  14. Were you in sport mode and AUTO? My best times and launches have always come from those to combos. Nice run and truck sounds good.
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