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  1. One would think? If you still have warranty. Take it in and get it fixed. Be stern but be respectful and stand your ground! Too many people fold when told no or can't do it. If it states bumper to bumper and that's what you have. Ask them to fix it. These trucks gave gotten out of hand in terms in money. They need to hold up and last for a very long time for the price tags!
  2. ANYTIME!!!! Enjoy the intoxicating sound your new truck. It's a sharp looking rig! Take care.
  3. Can't say, I didn't tell you so! LOL Once I bought Corsa on my HC, I would never go back to anything else. (I had Gibson, Magnaflow, and Flowmaster). Glad you are enjoying it, and the tips look awesome!!
  4. I had this issue on my 2016 Sierra SLT. Dealership just replaced the whole plastic piece. I didn't have an issue with it anymore. I'd get it replaced.
  5. Yes sir!! It sounds fantastic with the 6.2L. Looks like they offer it now with quad tips from picture. That's a game changer for sure. Corsa makes fantastic tips. Corsa to me is a no Brainer with a GM small block Good luck with your decision.
  6. Corsa is the best, but you can't go quad tips in there sport exhaust. Atleast you couldn't in 2021 when I had my 2019 High Country. They didn't make quad tips for rear exit on new body style.
  7. You are correct. I just read on GM Authority the midnight package is coming in 2024 to HC trucks. Me personally, am tired of the "dark vader" looking trucks. I'm 41 now and even when I was 21 I performed chrome. HC and Denali means CHROME! Black just looks dull and boring. Especially when the vehicle is dirty! Offer the midnight package in a LTZ and/or RST. Leave the HC and Denali alone. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Corsa Sport. Best exhaust for a Chevy small block. There is a reason why Corvettes use Corsa!!
  9. Best exhaust for a small block chevy. I had it on my 2019 HC. Sounded amazing when stepping on the accelerator. Congrats on purchase. Now your gas bill will go up a bit because your foot will be in it more!!! Lol. Well worth it.
  10. Don't buy anything. Don't pay the ridiculous high prices and interest rates. Drive what you have. Let the market crash, because it will! It's hanging onto a thread. I sold my 19 high country in July and have been putting over $1K away each month in savings since then. Best decision I ever made. NO reason to pay these stupid high inflated prices on any vehicles.
  11. Says the guy who overpaid for truck in a recession!!!!. And on top of that, he b!tches about it and doesn't like it as much as his Ram. A person cant make this $hit up. Too comical
  12. Opinions vary! But I know I'm a lot smarter than you buckwheat!
  13. If the Ram is a better truck? Why get rid of it and pay $7k more for this 2023 than the ordered 2022! Do you see how I'm sitting here shaking my head, wondering how much of a fool you sound like!? Just stating the obvious.....
  14. Really?? Geez, I guess I didn't know it wasn't...who would have thought. Listen, they don't have to build every truck with all the technology in it, to jack up the prices, and there is no way a TRUCK should cost $60-70-$80 thousand dollars! No matter how much tech it has in it! And no I won't pay that because I have common sense and unlike most fools who finance these overpriced trucks for 6, 7, or 8 years is complete idiocracy!!! I'd rather have a brand new home with an acre of land!! And when I decide to sell and downsize when kids are all gone, I'll get all my money back out of it......but you go ahead and buy your depreciating financed rolling chariot!! Cheers!
  15. That's why WE as consumers must stop paying these OUT OF CONTROL prices. GM, FORD, RAM, TOYOTA will not decrease their prices when people continue to buy them. I just shake my head when I see a fully loaded Denali costing almost $90K. That's almost twice as much as my first house with 2 acres of land here in Midwest, that I bought when I was 28 years old. What a joke!!
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