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  1. I never stated I was, I do have 2 masters degrees that I worked hard for, and paid for by myself. Crazy isn’t it! Hard work pays off. But ranting about Apple CarPlay and wanting GM to buy back the truck is complete ignorance. Also, maybe it isn’t GM, ever think it could be an Apple issue!!
  2. I make perfect sense. You obviously don’t comprehend. Actually I do, because “most” think they are entitled little $h!ts who think everything should be given to them. Heck a recent study was made stating that millennials believe they shouldn’t accept any job that doesn’t pay them 6 figures. Ridiculous! and you ranting about GM buying back your truck because of Apple CarPlay is just that. Ridiculous.
  3. I put an AVS aero skin on my truck and wife’s new Traverse. Love them. They lay flat into the hood instead of sticking up like a bug shield. It Protects the front edge of the hood. I like it too because it gives it alittle different look as well.
  4. I’m not reading text while driving. I see that a text goes through by the vibration of my watch and see that my watch lights up! Then I give them a call totally different MAN! So because I can afford a smart watch and choose to Bluetooth my phone I’m a hypocrite. Get out of here. Plus I don’t need CarPlay because if you’re smart enough. Which you obviously aren’t. You can run navigation through your phone via Bluetooth. It all goes through the radio telling you where to turn. Or like My truck came with navigation and I use that also. Case closed. Anything else you’d like to debate.
  5. You don't have to look down at anything. You can call whoever you need to talk to by pushing the microphone button on steering wheel. As for texts, i have my watch to look at which is facing me when my hands are on the steering wheel. If i need to respond! I make an "OLD SCHOOL" call instead of texting. Rather hear a voice than keep texting
  6. Why not just bluetooth it up to the radio. IDK, I realize you won't have Carplay, which I could care less, I just use my bluetooth for music and making calls. What the [email protected] does Carplay have more of other than those 2 things, anything more than that your eyes won't be on the road ?? Sounds like a millennial rant who cant go without his phone for 2 minutes.
  7. Looks really good. You going to paint the mud guards to match now? I think all white would look great but will they hold up in the winter, depending on where you live of course.
  8. I’m sorry but “JACKING” up your truck six inches, and putting on 35 inch tires and you’re worrying about fuel economy!! I just gotta . But hey, to you it looks COOL!! in all seriousness. You can do a hand held tuner from Diablo, but you must send in your ECU. Which can void your warranty. Here is a site to look at. https://www.diablosport.com/shop/predator-2-for-19-20-gm-gas-truck.html?SID=rqt9ug64krrgil0lrdds83kh27 Good Luck
  9. I wouldn’t take a Furd if you gave me one. Pure junk! Stepdads ecobust was a joke. Claimed FE never got it and he babied it. Interior is cheap grey plastic. Rattled like crazy, and I thought it drove like $h!t. I get into a newer Furd that buddy owns and I still can’t believe they are number one selling truck. Totally not impressed with it. Their older 5.4L were spark plug throwing gutless motors. You have to go back to 96 when the offered the 4.9L inline 6 motor or the heavy duty had the international 7.3L. Those were both great engines. Anything now is J
  10. This is the only reason I got rid of my 2018 Sierra SLT 6.2L with the 8 speed. Truck was awesome out on the highway, got 23-24 mpgs running 70 all day long. BUT in town driving was HORRENDOUS!! The 1st to 2nd clunking and hesitation drove me nuts. Dealership reflashed it 3 times (didn't help) wouldn't change the fluids in it or anything else. Said it was normal behavior per GM. Found my 2019 10 speed and haven't looked back. I don't get the MPGs of the 2018 but the shifts are amazing!
  11. You do not need a MAF re-calibration with the S&B intake. You follow the directions, un-hook the battery for 2 hours. Install the system and the MAF relearns itself. I've had mine on 2 vehicles, with over 30k miles and nothing has ever come up other than forgetting to take off the air filter indicator in the settings menu. I believe Roto-Fab is pretty much the same thing. I just choose the S&B because of the price and it has the best air flow out of all manufacturers out there. I would buy either one if I had to choose again.
  12. The thing with a CAI is that “ONE DOES NOT BUY IT FOR MPGs!!! You buy one for the performance side of things. That’s why you buy it plain and simple. I have seen nice gains with my S&B intake along with my Corsa Exhaust. Those who are in here constantly stating they don’t help (on performance side of things) are complete idiots! They choose to only b!tch about things and try to spat out a bunch of analytic garbage about air flow…blah,blah,blah Here’s my offer for all those haters. Take a stock GM truck, then take one that has a full Catback exhaust and CAI and line them up. S
  13. Fix your old truck and wait!!!!! I wouldn’t buy a new truck right now. Who knows how long they have been sitting out in a field waiting for a chip! I read articles in motortrend and car and driver stating thousands of trucks already made, waiting for chips sitting in fields within the elements and little critters! Hell no for me!
  14. If anyone pays over sticker price for a ZR2 with 420HP is an absolute idiot. Not worth it. That would be over the price of a Raptor and TRX territory.
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