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  1. Like I said if you DON’T NEED A TRUCK, sell!! There are plenty of SUVs on the lots. At least here in my area. A $hit ton of used cars are on the market. Down grade. Drive a car that gets great gas mileage for a year or so, especially with gas prices soaring. Put the would be payment on the truck in a savings account and then find another truck after it all comes back.
  2. I’m keeping mine. Had them looking for a white Denali 1500 but gonna wait to see what the 2022s come out with. I’m still hoping for a supercharged truck. Just saw the Cadillac spy shots of the “V” series on car and driver. Hopefully !!! I was offered $59k. Paid $60k for it a year ago and have 18k miles on it. I would take the cash, but I have a boat to pull and buying a side by side for the wife for a Mother’s Day present on Saturday, so I truly need a reliable truck. For those who don’t. Sell now. Get the cash and run!!! Unreal the prices they are handing out.
  3. Lol. Go buy a Ram then, have it recalled and fixed every other month. Geez I don’t mind the interiors at all they are functional, easy to use, easy to clean, and practical. I am really happy GM chose to keep buttons to control everything instead of hunting through the infotainment screen for them. GM easily beats Ram in fuel economy, I know of three people who own them, all with Hemi’s and 3.92 rear ended and can barley squeeze 18 mpgs out of them. The 5.3L is right on par with performance with it and the 6.2L will blow it out of the water. It’s a whole second quicker to 60. Pul
  4. That's a great deal. I had local dealership in town say the $59K that has been offered, they would match and use it on a trade in value not cash offer. The problem is I want a fully loaded Denali, white, with 6.2L and they can't find one, or dealership won't give them up. Plus they are all over $70K the ones I have found online, (over 500 miles away from me) rebates are at $5k where I am at.
  5. I agree. I can’t come close to replace it for what I have. I want a GMC over a Chevy and all the Denali’s around here are $70k. I’d be in the same boat I’m in now and not have my exhaust, tonneau cover, S&B intake, 22 inch wheels, tint on all my windows, aero skin bug deflector, and interior trim kit. There’s another $5k already.
  6. I just got offered $59k for my truck which is a 2019 High Country 17k miles with everything except power running boards on it. I bought it last year at this time as a left over. MSRP was $67 and they gave it to me for $60k plus 0% financing, and not including my trade in. So I have driven it a year and only lost $1k I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of it because they would cut me a check for about $10k. The problem is, what do I replace it with? the upside is I wouldn’t have a truck payment and be debt free on truck payment? I’m spending today
  7. That’s what I wanted to know the PRICE. Hence why I called! And since no one answers the [email protected] phone there, I sent out an email and got the answer that way. Another reason why I posted again with the price. To let everyone else know since it’s not posted on the website
  8. $599 for everything. That’s one day down sending in your ECM to them. Not a bad price.
  9. I tried calling again today and no answer. Was on phone waiting for 30 minutes this time. Just left it on speaker while I was finishing up some work. Also sent out an email, I want to know pricing because it isn’t stated anywhere on website.
  10. Of course no one answers today. On hold for 20 minutes. Finally gave up. Unreal. Gotta love COVID-19
  11. I’m very interested in this. I’ll be calling them today or tomorrow.
  12. I never owned one but my cousin owned 2 of them. I drove it quite a bit working with him on odds jobs. They got horrific gas mileage, interior was plain and dull, but I thought they rode nice, were quiet, and basically bulletproof. He didn’t have any trouble with either one.
  13. Agreed. I took my step dads 5.3L 3.23s 10 spd and it was impressive
  14. Agree with @OnTheReel the new 10 spd makes the world of difference. I had 3.42s in my 6 and 8 spd Sierras and now have 3.23s in this new truck. I for one wanted 3.42s but I am very happy with the 3.23s. Thought it would pull my boat different but it doesn’t at all.
  15. Go buy a nice clean 1999 to 2006 LS 4.8L or 5.3L before any of the Bull$hit AFM/DFM were introduced. They are reliable. Now the tailgate handle might fall off and doors will rattle but the engine will run forever! I believe that anything can be reliable as long as the owner services it and keeps up in the maintenance regularly. (Except for a Ford) My father has stated it’s cheaper to fix a GM truck than other trucks. Especially the older models.
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