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  1. I’d call S&B and ask them how long. They have really great customer service. I waited 2 months for mine. I like it but it’s HUGE. My 2018 had more of the stock GM CAI look to it. The price is great on it. Around $120 less than GMs or Rotofab.
  2. Yes, I had to wait for over 2 months to get my S&B intake. It was worth the wait, IDK if I like it more than my 2018 Sierra one though. This one is HUGE!! The 2018 looked more like the Rotofab or GM CAI. When I talked to them they said they were behind because of the pandemic and short supplies, but were ramping up production at the beginning of August, IDK if they are caught up or not. I would call them. They have a great customer support. Yes, my Gibson exhaust got really loud after 5k miles. My Corsa only has 2k on it know, its already loud enough, we shall see
  3. Has anyone added GMC's Adaptive Ride Control to their Silverado? I would be interested in doing this. I read Chevy is adding it to the High Country for 2021
  4. I have had 4 sets of GM all weather mats and I can say they are thicker, more durable, heavier, and have lasted longer than the weather techs in my wife’s terrain. The weather techs sides fold over a bit, are thinner, and haven’t held help as well as the GM ones. Heck after a month the weather tech badge decal came of the mat.
  5. @newdude to me it is worth it, but after driving my stepdads new T1 5.3L with the new 10spd. I can say I would buy a 5.3L again if no 6.2L were available and the truck had everything I needed. It really impressed me and according to car and driver it’s a full second quicker than the old K2 with the 8 spd. 6.1 secs vs 7.2 secs the old 6 spd clocked off a 6.7 secs. Again the 8 spd killed the trucks. And if you lift it and add bigger tires it’s only going to slow it’s performance down even more. Not for me and 95% of lifted trucks never see hard off roading the the others who do take them off road, the factory height could go just as far as they do. It’s more for show than go! Which is just fine because it’s their money and choice. Just not my preference. btw.... who says you can’t drag race a truck? There is something cool about a fast truck that can also haul your family and the boat to the lake house.
  6. @KARNUT the K2 5.3 trucks that were E85 compatible were stout from factory. I think they made like 376hp and 406lbs of tq by just adding e85. I agree with you that the 5.3 is a great engine. Add the exhaust and CAI and the performance would increase even more without a tune. The thing that hindered the K2 was the 8 spd because u couldn’t program it. When I tuned mine. I loved everything about it but the transmission. No one around here could tune it and black bear didn’t have anything on there site. Only 6 spd
  7. @TXGREEK You bash a guy for not knowing something yet you obviously had no clue a tune was available for the T1 trucks. if that ain’t hypocritical. What is? again go post on the K2 site. That’s what your truck is. Not a T1. Then you run your mouth on performance mods how they don’t help. Yet they do and I have numerical data saying it does, all without my truck being tuned. Then I also stated that if and when you do tune a truck those mods help even more. I know this because I too had a K2 Sierra 6.2L with the terrible 8 speed that was tuned and it ran strong but would not take my new HC with 10 spd and mods. The 8 spd killed these trucks. Plus the weight loss these T1s got from more aluminum helps. plus it’s OUR money and We can spend it on what WE want. you can argue with me for days but I have the numerical data from both trucks and my T1 is faster and it’s not even tuned. also even though your K2 truck is tuned. If u bolt on an exhaust and a CAI you are going to improve your performance. It’s not different if the truck ISNT tuned. When u unhook the battery for 2 hours while installing the CAI. The factory computer resets and learns the new airflow. It’s right from S&Bs website. Have 1500 miles on truck and no code and runs strong. instead of coming on here talking smack to guys who own T1 trucks and YOU don’t. Go to your K2 site and talk trash to them, and gets your “rocks” off there.
  8. Yep. Thanks for proving my point that you can’t comprehend. I’m done debating with an ignorant old man who never changes his ways.
  9. Man you have issues and can’t comprehend worth $h!t!! go reread your posts and my posts. Owe wait, we see you struggle with that also just stop replaying and stating bull$h!t. Like you said you were done. GTFO.
  10. Not a ram guy. I’m waiting/hoping for GM to come out with a performance SS version of the Silverado.
  11. Man he never gives up. I never said it has huge gains. Your comprehension is terrible. I said it made a huge difference in my truck on how it runs. The stock exhaust is $h!t. Your stuck in your little world and that’s fine. You didn’t know a T1 could be tuned. You brought up the tuning part. I also stated that tuning wakes up the truck. you seriously struggle with accepting that bolt on’s do add performance. That’s what I stated and it’s a fact. also u don’t even own a T1. Why are u here, and You have stated now 4 times you were done. You have some issues man! Move along and accept your wrong.
  12. The article states you can tell a noticeable difference. If you have ever taken off the stock exhaust, the flapper restriction is almost 50%. It's unreal how restrictive it is. The dyno numbers are for the flywheel not rear wheel, but any gain is better than none at all. You can tell the difference between the too, and that's what the article states. As a stated I ran the truck on days with almost same temp, and no head wind, half tank of gas, and did it with an app. The .3 secs is in 0-60 times. I agree weather has not a big impact but a HUGE impact on performance. I enjoy racing my truck and going against my family who is mainly Furd owners, makes it even better. I totally agree that a tune WAKES an engine up, but with the cost so high, many don't do it. I have a total of $1650 in my S&B CAI and Corsa Exhaust and it made a huge difference on performance. I don't have over $2k into it like GM charges and no-where near the $3k+ it needs to be tuned. Anyone can buy the parts directly through GM parts direct for about $1800. I wanted more performance, no more flappers---restrictions, more sound, and overall better driving truck. I do have that know with this setup. It performs better now then my tuned 2018 with a 6.2L and 8 spd. That tranny killed the performance of that truck. This new 10 spd is amazing. If I choose to I can always tune it for more power, but I'm leaning towards keeping my warranty and just buying my kids a new jet-ski instead. They come before me know. I agree, I am not into lifted trucks at all, never liked them, and it truly kills the performance of the vehicle. It's not for me, many like it, and it's their money they can do what they want with it. I've said that also, "to each their own" Take Care
  13. Have you tried using a charge card to slide on the side of it to pop it lose? I would think a big flathead screwdriver also would work. I would think it has a clamp on top and bottom that holds it in. Btw. First picture looked black. I’m digging the brown color. Guy on forum has GMC that color. Very unique. Nice choice
  14. glad you got it to work. They look nice! Love black when it's all clean!! I'm thinking of painting mine black. Still haven't decided yet Take care
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