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  1. Says the guy who overpaid for truck in a recession!!!!. And on top of that, he b!tches about it and doesn't like it as much as his Ram. A person cant make this $hit up. Too comical
  2. Opinions vary! But I know I'm a lot smarter than you buckwheat!
  3. If the Ram is a better truck? Why get rid of it and pay $7k more for this 2023 than the ordered 2022! Do you see how I'm sitting here shaking my head, wondering how much of a fool you sound like!? Just stating the obvious.....
  4. Really?? Geez, I guess I didn't know it wasn't...who would have thought. Listen, they don't have to build every truck with all the technology in it, to jack up the prices, and there is no way a TRUCK should cost $60-70-$80 thousand dollars! No matter how much tech it has in it! And no I won't pay that because I have common sense and unlike most fools who finance these overpriced trucks for 6, 7, or 8 years is complete idiocracy!!! I'd rather have a brand new home with an acre of land!! And when I decide to sell and downsize when kids are all gone, I'll get all my money back out of it......but you go ahead and buy your depreciating financed rolling chariot!! Cheers!
  5. That's why WE as consumers must stop paying these OUT OF CONTROL prices. GM, FORD, RAM, TOYOTA will not decrease their prices when people continue to buy them. I just shake my head when I see a fully loaded Denali costing almost $90K. That's almost twice as much as my first house with 2 acres of land here in Midwest, that I bought when I was 28 years old. What a joke!!
  6. Just another reason not to pay these "STUPID" high prices!!! Especially when they come incomplete. Good luck. Maybe you'll get your truck by 2024!!
  7. The Denali will ride way better than an SLT. The SLT has Rancho shocks with X31 package. Then a normal shock for the non x31 version. If at all possible get the Denali. Or switch out the stock shocks for Bilsteins. The adaptive ride is a huge improvement. 2020 and above High Country also have adaptive ride control. My 2019 didn't. I missed out on it. I also have driven a camaro with both a sport shock and one with Magnetic Ride Control. Similar setup and the ride is very noticeable Good luck
  8. I am patiently and eagerly waiting for this recession to hit. I am putting money away each month. Hopefully by next April-sh we are in full swing and I am going to search the U.S for a new Camaro Convertible. I am torn between the 2SS or a ZL1. Idk if the supercharger is worth $25k. When I can mod the 6.2L with cam, heads, exhaust, and e85 tune for about $12k and have an all naturally aspirated beast and still have $12k in bank. But man do I love that front end of the ZL1.
  9. Mine is the C/K body style. I found a really nice bodied one and I am driving that till son drives in about a year. Adding mods as I go.
  10. I totally understand the inflation situation. All the MORE REASON not to BUY and pay those prices. Put the pressure back on the automakers and stealerships marking up these trucks.
  11. Yes the "person" in charge right now is a complete disaster!!! Also a huge leftist. It's a complete shame because GM is known for their V8s and they have a plethora of them to still easily compete with turbo sixs. The real shame is the Camaro. Ford atleast updates their Mustang and gave it an all new redesign with upgraded motors and all old Mary does is increase price of the Camaro, decrease availability, and turn it into an 4 door electric sedan in 3 years. What a joke!!
  12. I like "YOU" am a huge car guy. I sold my 19 High Country because I foresee what's coming and it's NOT good. My advice to anyone is put as much Way in savings as possible Now, I still like driving the lots and yesterday stopped at Billion Auto and they had a 2022 Sierra SLT crew cab with a 5.3L and 10 Speed for $70k!!!!! That's outright insanity. My 2018 Sierra SLT with 6.2L and 8 speed was $57k msrp, they had $12,500 off on it and i got it for $45k without trade just 4 years ago. You're telling me this so called new fantastic interior and a nip and tuck to the front end is worth $25k more. Oh [email protected] no!!!
  13. So my 1998 C/K starts sometimes right off the bat, other times it takes awhile. It will crank and crank? Any ideas. I have replaced the starter, fuel filter, have had the fuel pump and injectors looked at, both good. I am kinda dumb founded Thanks in advance for any advice
  14. Too decrease the MPG's and performance even more???? LOL.....just busting your balls a bit..
  15. Wait for the recession to fully hit! Most of these trucks are coming not fully finished, and you aren't getting any rebates. Put the pressure back on GM to lower prices, get their [email protected] build quality back to where it used to be, and get higher rebates and lower interest rates back. It mind boggles me that people can't see this and are willing to pay these outlandish prices. I'm so glad I sold my 2019 High Country. Best decision I have ever made. I put all that cash in the bank and I won't be the one "crying" or "panicking" when the true heart of the recession hits!!! And it's going to hit HARD. There is my flame!
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