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  1. Precisely!! Hauls @$$! Comfortably seats 4 to 5 people, the family pet, all your luggage and tows whatever you want! Also rides amazing with Rams air ride suspension or with GM could have magnetic air ride. Best of both worlds.
  2. So I was enjoying my coffee and cars this am and found this on motortrend. Just a concept/idea but......... https://www.motortrend.com/news/2021-ram-1500-trx-srt-10-performance-truck-render/ if this happens, and GM doesn’t produce something that is competitive, this will make me to jump ship. Looks nice.
  3. I agree with you, it’s not getting any attention that it probably deserves, but here in Midwest we don’t have the surplus to have a Hummer like this. We don’t have a single charging port in my area. And can you imagine what those batteries would have gone through in the -25 degrees I had here for 2 weeks straight at beginning of February. NO WAY!! GM has all the goods in house to make this truck. [email protected] the newer ZL1 has been produced with “basically” our engine-since 2016.
  4. Did you see how bad that trucks front end jerked around! It looked like it was out of alignment while he was racing it. Couldn’t keep it straight. Plus it has 37 inch tires on it. No thank you. GM has the ability to do so much better than that Jackal
  5. A supercharged 6.2L with a ten speed and 3.73 gears would be perfect! My buddy has a 2013 Avalanche with 6.2L supercharged with 4.10 gears, 24s and with 6 spd and gets 20 mpgs out on highway. It is very possible to achieve gas mileage with these new trucks if tuned properly, and GM can do it. I’ve seen it first hand. This truck will beat a TRX. I just wish he’d sell it to me! Also, the TRX no matter how one looks at it is a beast of a truck. It’s not my cup of tea but if dodge....oh I mean Ram decided to put it into an SRT sport truck like the older SRT-10, and GM doesn’t do anything, I could jump ship and buy one.
  6. That looks awesome! I’m a huge chrome guy. Great job, only thing I’d suggest is making bow tie black, I just think the gold bow-ties don’t flow well on chrome. Are your rims chrome?
  7. Totally agree. All the Raptors around here in Iowa have hardly seen a dirt road let alone a true off-road trail. Never have been a fun of them. Give me a street truck supercharged version GM!
  8. I had the Gibson dual sport Catback on my 2018 Sierra 6.2L and I enjoyed every minute of it. I paid $480ish for it and the startup and deep snarky growl when getting on it was nice! Yet it was very quiet on the highway driving. I had the older AFM system and didn’t notice it on that system. Glad you like your Catback. If they would have made the system for my High Country’s standard bed I might have gotten it again.
  9. I have never had it with my Corsa sport when driving. Now when towing my boat there is a little drone going up hills when down shifting, but that’s acceptable to me. When cruising down interstate or highway the Corsa exhaust is whisper quiet. But slam on the peddle and it wakes up! It’s the best of both worlds in my opinion. Others who have the GM Performance Package have stated the same with the Borla system. I also had a Gibson dual sport Catback on my 2018 Sierra 6.2L with the older AFM and it also never droned on the highway. It’s a very nice exhaust for about half the price. But it does have it downside. If you live in wintery areas the exhaust does corrode because it’s not 304 stainless steel like the Corsa and Borla system. I think it’s 409 stainless steel.
  10. I believe Corsa claims 17HP, and yes the truck just drives better, accelerates stronger, and with the S&B intake it breathes better too. It was worth every penny. I bought mine from RealTrucks.com and had a 10% coupon. I paid $1180 for it. If you get one. Make sure to look at the flappers and how much they restrict air flow. You will be amazed. Good luck with your decision.
  11. I have Corsa sport Catback and love it. Borla makes a nice system too. They make a touring or S-type. Their Attak system is pretty aggressive All are About same price which ever you choose.
  12. From what I’m reading you’re paying the extra money for the AMP. And if you have BOSE. The Bose system has a built in amp. I know when I added an Alpine touch screen to my SS Trailblazer I needed an extra adapter piece to piggy back off the BOSE amp other wise it would have blown it/fried it. BOSE is very touchy system. Sucked because it cost another $100 just for it. Read all 3 and also you can give Them your vin number for clarification. Good luck
  13. Buddy is doing this for his son in high school. Pulled a 70s K10 blazer out of the trees on the farm. Very little rust. To make story short he will have $30k in it fully restored with a built 406 with NOS. That’s a hella lot cheaper than these things. And it will smoke them on and off road. Just my 2 cents.
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