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  1. OEM chrome running boards. Just enough chrome to mesh with rest of the chrome on the truck. I also love how they extend to the rear wheel well. I can wash and dry the entire back window and tonneau cover without a step ladder or needing to step up onto the rear wheel.
  2. Man you just can't let it go. Move on with it. I proved that you owned a dang Corvette. You acted like you didnt. What's all the hush, hush about? If you would read for comprehension clear back in my first post I stated you should appreciate HP/TQ gains because you own a performance car which is a Corvette. Again, please reread my posts for comprehension. You totally missed the whole concept of what I was stating. The new 2019/2020 T1 trucks with the LT1 6.2L is truly performance truck in it's own right without being marked as "a performance truck" This truck. Or my truck which I own 1 can beat many 90s v8 muscle cars, many mid 2000 muscle cars because of the performance it offers from a 5500lb truck. That's why I called it a rocket ship because of its shear size, it moves.....something I guess again you can't grasp! I also mentioned that these new trucks are harder to tune, so ANY gain of HP/TQ that we as consumers can get out of them without throwing down HUGE $$ is a plus for us. Is there anything else you would like to discuss or for me to clarify since you really failed to understand me the first time??? How about you take your Corvette for a drive, watch the movie Frozen and LET IT GO!! Go day
  3. I have always been a GM guy ever since I bought my first 2001 S-10 ZR2 back in 2003. I have had great luck with them also. (knock on wood) My buddy who owns a tinting business and leased a 2019 Ram last year for 3 years and it has been in the shop 4 times now for various recalls, ect... I drove it to see how it compared to my 2018 Sierra SLT and though the 8 speed does shift smoothly, I wasn't that impressed with the 5.7L. The fit and finish of the truck is ok, but the doors seem cheap when you close them. I also look at pickuptrucks.com every morning, and Rams are being recalled all of the time it seems like on their website. I would choose a Ram over a Ford any-day though. Step-dad and father in law are Ford guys, and I am not impressed with their trucks. Can't believe they are the sales leader in pickup trucks.
  4. Here is your post from the "Yellow Silverado's": I despise the fact that 99% of the vehicles on the road are just so DAMN boring. I feel like I'm living in a monochromatic world of boring people. The world and our nations highways and byways need more vehicles that POP with loud, bright and emotion generating colors. I can't stand the constant parade of nearly ALL vehicles that are either: 1. White 2. Black 3. Silver/Gray I realize it's not a truck but here's my prior car that I think was stunning in yellow/black. My current one as depicted in my avatar is red as I can't stand the dull, pastel and matte looking "Racing Yellow" they offered when I bought the red one. My C8 Z06 will be ordered in black but I'll have it wrapped in Kawasaki MX racing green the day I take delivery. Similar to the green one depicted below. The last pic is a full on picture of my current red/black car. I be lovin' me some POP!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING COLORS/CARS/TRUCKS!!! And yes, I'm a bit of a hypocrite in that my daily driver is a black AT4. IMHO, it was the best looking color offered on the AT4
  5. Your avatar shows a Corvette. I also read in another post (about yellow Silverado colors) that you had a Corvette. So either your lying or wishing you had one. Hmmmm, that's how I know. No, this wasn't friendly banter when your sarcasm is to the point of "macho egoism"! You can disagree with me all you want, but your way of disagreeing with me isn't friendly banter, you're obviously lacking in that department. You can do better next time though. I was stating facts, my vehicles can do those things I said they could, and you obviously couldn't handle that, or should I say, you were very "DEMEANING" in your responses. And you're missing the point ENTIRELY that I was making on the truck all together. Went way over your cranium. I am far from angry or miserable. I truly enjoy life and am very blessed to have a wonderful family. Who, I put FIRST before anything else. Well, if you are so bent out of shape with those names, I will be man enough to APOLOGIZE to "YOU" for calling you Mr. Sarcastic, Mr. Highroller, and Buckwheat!!!! I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. Have a fantastic day!
  6. Totally agree with you!! Iowa has very strict laws. That's why I had to put 30% on front windows and 30% over my rear windows, with a 5% strip in windshield. I used to put 5% on everything along with a 35% on front windshield when I didn't live here in Iowa. The back factory glass also is dyed not tinted, so it doesn't reject heat, it's just for looks. That is why I always have my best friend (who owns a tinting business) tint over the back for my kids and German Shepherd pup. The heat rejection you get from tint is amazing. Take your time when choosing a tint shop. Ask to look at some of their work, (if possible). Look at top of windows and along the bottom for dirt, hairs, or other contaminants. So many guys say they can tint, but get more "crap" in the window than out of it. Here is my truck with 30% all around. Good luck and congrats on the truck!
  7. Because you own one, and I was stating a point how my 06 TB SS could run with it back in 06. "Dude"??? What are you 12?? You @$$ume I was 16 or 18, then using "DUDE" definitely makes you sound younger! Your missing the point! Obviously! You're so lost in your world of Corvette heaven that you don't see the wonderful performance engineering GM has done with the LT1 6.2L in a TRUCK. Put your ego aside and look at it for what it is.
  8. Ahh, one of these guys, well then Mr. Sarcastic! First off, I am far from 18! Wish I was, then my joints wouldn't ache from years of wear and tear of sports! We are not talking about $3000?? We are talking about $200. So IDK where you got $3000. Plus, like I stated, this grill CAI acts just like a hood CAI, so why wouldn't it benefit the vehicle? For a truck these new 6.2L trucks do very well. It can record a 0 to 60 in the low 5 sec range. For an over 5500 lb truck that is impressive. Most muscle cars 10 years ago couldn't do that. How about you go drive one and see how exciting they can be? It's no Corvette of course, but I am not talking about that am I. BTW, one of my best friends has a 2016 Procharged Corvette, and even he is impressed on how well these new trucks haul @$$ for the weight they carry. BTW...he is a pro race car driver!! To each their own "Buckwheat"! NO, I do not have straight pipes on my truck. I am waiting for Gibson or Borla (S-type) to get their exhaust done for the standard bed truck mine is. Plus, idk if I want to spend $1300+ on exhaust when I could spend it on my kids and wife instead. They are more important to me than any vehicle. Those 06-09 Impala SS were sleeper cars, and with it having all it's upgrades, and still having my stock truck beat it was very pleasing and impressive. I am talking about a truck, not a Corvette here, so when I say rocket ship, please take that into consideration. Plus, my truck can haul my boat to the lake, something your Corvette can't do. But I will tell you that my 06 TB SS AWD would take a vette in a city block back in 2006, but at about 60 the Corvette would take over bc of aero, weight, and tranny. I wish GM would get their "act" together and make more performance oriented trucks/suvs. I do get thrills out of taking an SUV or Truck and beating a muscle/sports car/or sport sedan. That is quite entertaining, and I am sure I'm not the only one on the site that doesn't get "kicks" out of it. Finally, with these new trucks being harder and harder to crack for tuning, ANY HP/TQ "WE" as consumers can get out them is a POSITIVE! (Yes, I did say "any") Heck, even the new C8's are hard to crack. So you being a Corvette guy, will/should appreciate any extra HP/TQ bump without spending tons of cash. But, from the sound of it, and your sarcasm, money must not be a problem for you Mr. Highroller-- (Good for you!!) To others, it is, and that is why the gentleman was asking about this. To most people $200 is a good chunk of change. I know to me it is. So have a fantastic day and enjoy your beautiful corvette, you silly little boy!
  9. Still funny beating a so called sports car little fella!! Also, read the thread, these new trucks do stuff 10 years ago those cars weren't doing. That's all am saying.
  10. I never said a 6th gen camaro. I rented a 6th gen convertible while in Vegas, and they do scream for a $40k car. When I said camaro,....I meant a v6 and older ones. Just like the older mustangs and ect... All I am saying is that these new trucks are doing things 10 years ago muscle cars weren't doing, that to me is impressive!
  11. Totally agree. I have heard nothing but good things about this new diesel. It is quite, very quick for a diesel, gets excellent gas mileage, pulls very well. You can't go wrong with it if you like diesels. I have never been a diesel guy, so that's why I went with the 6.2L. The neighbor guy next door who owns a boat dealership, bought a new 19 5.3L last year and now is thinking about getting a 3.0L for his company truck, he, like you has said, let GM get the kinks out of new diesel, then going to buy one.
  12. I am stuck between this and the Corsa sport exhaust and GM's Exhaust. I keep kicking around whether I want to spend $1300+ on an exhaust. (Or should I say my wife is the one who is saying it's not worth it!! LOL) The Corsa Sport is a bit louder when accelerating, and only one that is available on standard bed. The Gm Exhaust is essentially the Borla Touring. Borla's S-type is the one I would go with, but they do not have it available with the standard bed yet. Should be ready by end of month is what they told me?? You can't go wrong with the GM Exhaust though, if you're looking for added performance, not obnoxiously loud, and no drone, then go with it! Good luck and post a few sound clips.
  13. Also call each of these companies and tell them what you have. I did that for my 2018 and they were very helpful. Anytime and good luck with your choice of wheels
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