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  1. Morning everyone, I see that GM has 20% accessories discount on purchases of $250 or more and I am pondering on getting an illuminated bowtie. 25% on purchases $500 or more. My concerns are: 1. Does it hold up in the elements? 2. Will it hold up with a truck that is washed at least once a week. Does it get condensation inside the clear light up area? 3. Has anyone had one for more than 2+ years. Longevity??? I have the regular black bowtie now with chrome surroundings and love the look, but I kinda want something with a bit more pop. Thanks.
  2. I totally agree, but if HP tuners lowers there price, and you get all that you have with the pulsar and pay another $800ish for 40hp. That’s what I’m looking for. I’ll wait till this spring to see if anything else develops and some more kinks get worked out do this pulsar unit. From what I’m reading it’s sounds very nice.
  3. I’d pay $1300 for 40hp. Heck my exhaust and CAI was $1650. Might have gotten 20hp out of it. If you can get 40hp for $1300. That’s a bargain if you think about.
  4. This still doesn’t give you anymore HP/TQ does it? I’m hoping now with this that HP tuners will lower their price and we can tune our trucks for around $800 to $1000.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the info on the wheels. I want to trade them in for the black machined ones but Detroit wheels wants $270 core charge and another $600 for wheels. I’d be better off buying them for $195 each and then reselling mine.
  6. Gotcha! let them know you have bought a few GM vehicles. Also, make sure you get a claim number. It will stay on file for that truck. It also cuts down on the process when speaking to a representative. Yes, getting the right dealership who cares really helps out. The one I was at we have bought multiple vehicles from but are also a huge dealership and their reputation means a lot to them. Otherwise the other local dealership which is bigger would take business from them.
  7. Yes. The trade difference was $4000. So considering I got into a truck that had the 8spd, premium plus package, so all the safety features available for 2017, Z71 package, plus DVDs. I thought I got a heck of a deal. Just try and go and trade 1 year up and I bet it’s a good $8 to $10k difference in price especially when you trade a SLT to SLT premium plus package. Or a LT to a fully loaded LTZ. Or a custom Trailboss to an LT Trailboss. Anyway you look at it. GM treated me right and that’s why I have had 3 trucks since then. You’re welcome on the info.
  8. Totally agree. Glad you can see both sides. Enjoy your truck as much as I do mine. btw. From what I read. I bet your hoping GM makes a raptor fighter or maybe a full-size ZR2 truck, since you like off-roading. I'm hoping they make another SS sport truck. Lowered stance, crew cab, and supercharged 6.2L or a ZO6 7.0l wouldn’t be bad either. take care
  9. I had my 2016 truck bought back. It was In the shop for about 4 months. I had the “Chevy Shake”. I also called GM customer service every 2 days to keep them updated on my truck. (Get a claim number also while in the phone) Along with talking to the dealerships general manager and head service manager every 2 days. EVERYONE there needs to know your frustration. It’s also good to go in there when they are very busy, be professional about it, but also LET THEM know and everyone else there know your issue and that they can’t fix it. You wanna see service men get nervous when customers are standing there and they look incompetent!!! $h!t gets done. They ended up bringing lead tech up from Texas to try and fix the truck. Didn’t happen. So they bought the truck back and I got into a 2017 truck with more options no miles, for $4000 but GM threw in $2500 headrest DVDs for the kiddos. I know it sucks, but just stay calm, try to relax, and realize it will get taken care of in some way. But always, always contact all the 3 people I mentioned up there and STAY on them. They need to know your frustration and that it’s YOUR money not there’s that bought the truck Good luck and take care
  10. I had 4 previous vehicles that had 5% all around with a strip and 35% on the windshield. It rejected so much heat and my dashes never had any issues. Since moving to Iowa though, I’ve been pulled over 4 or 5 times, so my last 3 vehicles, I have gone more conservative on them. I still get the heat rejection, but it isnt as dark. my terrain didn’t get that bad of road rash for being 5 years old and 80k miles on it. He didn’t have any clear shield so I am going to hold off on it. Wife’s job has her staying home so she isn’t putting many miles on it anyways. We shall see how bad this front end gets. Hopefully it holds up like our terrain did.
  11. Well just got home from tinting it. Went 30% all the way around with a 5% strip on front windshield. Love to go darker on front 2 doors but Iowa has very strict laws for tint.
  12. Yes I love the look of the new 2020's. I used to have a 2015 and this reminds me on that body style. The 2017-19 never really peaked my interest. The new 9 speed is very smooth and refined. Yes its the same transmission that is in the Enclave. My mother has a 2018 and she loves it, the wife just likes the looks of the Acadia more. The one thing I am still getting used to is the push button gear selector. Especially when I come from driving my 2019 Silverado. Takes a bit to get used too. I had my 2015 Clearshielded to help with road debris/rock chips and it made a huge difference. Around here is hard to find someone who knows how to truly put it on the right way. My buddy owns a tint shop (who I am seeing tonight for tint job), he installed my other one, was perfect, but he lost interest in doing it because it takes a ton of time, and he can get 2 or 3 full cars tinted instead of one Clearshield. It just wasn't cost effective for him and he is extremely fickle. Maybe if he has some left lying around I can convince him to put it on?!?
  13. Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciate it. It's going in today to get tinted!
  14. See even you have read and comprehended from my posts like others have, that you are childish!! Thank you so much for hi-lighting this for us. Proves my point. Man you just can’t let it go!
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