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  1. ABS is the manufacturer of the grill overlay. The letters are stick on which I bought off the Chevy site
  2. Tractor trailer truck in front of me blew a tire and the piece of rubber broke a chink off of my grill. Bought this overlay to cover it up. Think it looks pretty good actually.
  3. I like mine. Makes a big difference eliminating that annoying lag it seemed to have when stock. I run it in sport mode and love the reactive nature of the pedal. Of course you can set as you like but I am happy with it. I've probably dropped 20k in my truck since I bought it so $295 wasn't a big deal
  4. Awesome but can't justify 7.5k just for the coolness factor. Morimoto headlights are next but even those are pricey
  5. No doubt, I absolutely love mine. Well worth the investment
  6. yes sir - 8-9 when towing my 30 foot travel trailer. If only it got the mileage the dash tells me it's getting, lol
  7. Went with MBRP and haven't been disappointed. The main selling point of any exhaust I was going to put on was that it had to be 304 stainless. Only going to do it once. Most of the others are regular steel or 409 stainless, both of which will rust here in CT
  8. Don't forget to bend the little tabs in. They are designed to be bent in so the bars can't fall out when sideways or upside down
  9. I swapped the steering wheel and the instrument panel on my 2020 WT and love it. So much better than the plastic wheel and analog instrument panel
  10. I have the same one, works great. I also use it for my 2018 Malibu. So handy to be able to rotate your tires and not have the pressures on the instrument panel all screwed up.
  11. Defintely would welcome more traffic but love the page for the most part.
  12. If you email [email protected] they will email you your build sheet which has all the RPO codes relevant to your vehicle. This is what I did.
  13. This actually will not work with all IOR factory radio's. Need to check the build code for UE1 - On-Star Equipped. Many are not, for example I was going to do this with my WT but due to not being factory On-Star equipped it will not work.
  14. Interesting that you had such as issue with LLJ Customs, you are the first I've heard to have any issues with them. The process with them was flawless for me and they were very responsive to my questions. That being said, having options is always good.
  15. swirl marks are almost always the result of improper cleaning and drying techniques. They come easy nowadays. One thing for sure, never rub anything on the surface without a lot of lubrication. Always use clean sponges and clean water to rinse off the sponge, multiple bucket work great. Never use one of those dusters as it takes next to nothing to have grains of dust create swirls. I always wash myself by hand and never go thru a non-touchless auto wash. High quality drying towels are helpful too. As with everything you get what you pay for.
  16. I bought Husky kickback mudflaps month's ago. Haven't put them on yet as I'm still on the fence as to whether they will take away from the look of the truck too much. Although the knicks on the paint from the tires is definitely a bummer
  17. I agree, I love seeing all the different looks of people's trucks, that's how I get to know what I personally like and don't like. But they are all cool
  18. Right your 9 inch rims don't rub, makes sense, for me putting bigger tires on a standard width rim seemed pointless. But to each there own
  19. Finally, been waiting and waiting for aftermarket LED's to come out. I wonder if GoRecon will follow suit soon.
  20. Love mine, only real complaint is that the clamps don't hold and exhaust rotates a bit over time. Have tightened alot, doesn't help. I live on a bumpy road but it's still annoying. I guess my only recourse would be to put a weld on it.
  21. Right - they will fit because you didn't change the rim size, 35's rub when you also go with new rims with a greater offset.
  22. Anyone on here replace the black from grill with something else and want to sell the original black one? Tractor trailer had a blowout on the highway and left a hole in my grill from a giant piece of rubber. Gotta love retreads
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