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  1. Made use of the huge center console, organization for the top and then created a false bottom reusing the center console liner and 3” foam to conceal a handgun.
  2. 2012 Chevy Silverado LT 5.3 extended cab 2014 Chevy Silverado LTZ 5.3 double cab 2016 Ford 150 Lariat 3.5 crew cab 2018 Chevy Silverado LTZ Z71 5.3 crew cab midnight edition and now 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 6.2 carbon pro
  3. I will tell you the reviews are BS. I have the kicker system as it came on the truck since it had the carbon pro package. It is loud and the sound is decent considering you are listening to it outside with background noise and a not static environment. I had read the same reviews and was very surprised that anyone would bad mouth it to that level.
  4. I am no mechanic and do not know a lot about transmissions but I will tell you that I had the 8 speed transmission in my 2018 Silverado and had no issues what so ever. I had put 85,000 miles on it before I traded it in (the only reason for the trade in was the super high trade in value, and I found an AT4 with the 6.2 V8). Every now and then I had a hard shift but it was rare. I honestly believe if you take care of these trucks they will last darn near forever.
  5. Anytime, and thank you! I had to drive 400 miles to get that one which was exactly what I wanted. And yeah it is a black chrome, 100% not a solid black finish.
  6. I have a 2021 AT4 Carbon Pro and here is a pic. I keep trying to take better pics but they will not upload on here. I will keep trying but I can at least get this one to load.
  7. Just had ceramic tint installed today. 70% nano ceramic on the windshield, and 15% nano ceramic all the way around. Quite a surprise when I got the bill but if ceramic lives up to what I have read about it then it will all be worth it.
  8. And for iPhone users very similar. Go to settings, Bluetooth, find the MyChevy or MyGMC Link, click on the info circle next to the link and switch the toggle to sync contacts.
  9. Here are a few pics, again not an expert as this was my first time doing wrap ever. I removed the door trim pieces and the center cup holder ring but the pieces around the dash I trimmed in place with an exacto knife
  10. Had the dealership install the hard folding tonneau cover for the carbon pro bed. Fantastic fit and finish. The only other thing I did was install vinyl carbon fiber wrap to cover the chrome interior pieces. Be gentle I know it is not perfect but it is the first time I have ever tried vinyl wrap. Not horrible for a rookie.
  11. I feel your pain, I just could not wait any longer. Good luck, and I will say it was worth the wait!
  12. I waited since May, my truck still had not arrived so I used the search inventory feature on GMC.com and found one that had just arrived the day before at a dealership 400 miles away. I called them and after validating the options I “had to have” I put down a down payment and went and picked it up a 2 weeks ago. The options I had to have were 6.2L, technology package and the carbon pro bed.
  13. I had the same issue on my 21 AT4, love the truck but hated the chrome on the interior. I do wear the best sunglasses but the glare can come in at angles that will effect the eye anyways. I got some carbon fiber vinyl and wrapped all the chrome (except the door handles). This was the first time I had ever vinyl wrapped and you can see a little bit of chrome in the curves and corners, but over all I think it is a huge improvement. I will post pics whenever it stops raining here long enough for a decent pic.
  14. I agree with those that stated to each their own. I personally removed the dealer logo, and the “Sierra” on the tailgate. I wrapped the GMC on the front and back in carbon fiber and that is it. Left the AT4 logos (was happy that they are black on the carbon pro).
  15. What did I do to my truck today? Well I finally found it at a dealership in another state, so I drove there and finally after months of waiting have my incredible 2021 GMC Sierra AT4 Carbon Pro with the 6.2L and tech package. These trucks are amazing.
  16. Finally got my 2021 At4 yesterday. Had to drive 400 miles to go to a dealership that just got one in. 6.2L, carbon pro with the technology package. Awesome truck!
  17. Well good news today I stumbled on a truck with the options I was looking for plus a couple at a dealership in another state. Called them up, gave them a deposit and Wednesday I get to go pick up a 2021 Sierra AT4 6.2 carbon pro! I used the inventory search on GMC.com to find exactly what I was looking for.
  18. I understand shortages and everything but this is insane. Dealerships still get a few trucks randomly that are not sold yet, seems that all of us who have ordered or put deposits down should receive our trucks before random trucks are being dropped off. Also the lack of communication on the status is extremely frustrating.
  19. I went to my local dealer May 10th, they already had the truck I wanted coming. At that time it was already built, had vin, just waiting on the chip. I put down my deposit and here we are almost 2 months later and nothing has changed. 2021 Sierra AT4 6.2L.
  20. 20% is the factory match to the rear side windows but due to the amount of light your windshield allows in going to 15% on the front side windows looks more like a match. Other factors are the color of the truck, color of the interior and if you tint the windshield.
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