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  1. New Truck Owner

    To clarify- Most differentials send power to the wheel with the least traction. The one exception is the Torsen. It sends the power to the wheel with the most traction. Quite a clever design.
  2. Advice please

    When I sell or trade my current '17 in a few years, whoever gets it, will get a very nice Cdn truck with no rust, but very clean with lots of hwy miles & good maintenance history. Yes, I do drive in winter on salty roads, but that can be mitigated by proper oil spraying/undercoating and regular cleaning. Southern ON isn't any different than most of the northern border states when it comes to road salt.
  3. Online sales with flat rate shipping!

    ZOOM is now available online in Canada, with $5.00 flat rate shipping to addresses in Canada. Additional products to be added soon. https://www.getnano.ca/shop
  4. Lets talk Dash Cams. Who has one?

    Have had one for several years now. Just a front one so far. Gives me a lot of piece of mind. Even if it doesn't work, it can be very effective at convincing an offending party to NOT lie to the cops. All you have to do is just point at it and say- "Make sure you don't lie; see that dash camera by my rearview mirror?" If they ask to see the footage, just say"I'm saving it for the police"
  5. 5.3L Oil Drain Plug & Filter

    I put a Fumoto style drain on my '17 & plan to add a filter magnet. Oil changes are a lot easier to manage & less messy now. My previous 06 had a magnetic drain plug & usually had a bit of fine metal spooge on it at each oil change. Was surprised my 17' had no magnet on the drain plug.
  6. I also have a 17 5.3 with close to the same amount of miles on it. No catch can & probably don't need one. No issues & the AFM is quite seamless.
  7. Low Profile Tonneau Cover Recommendations

    I bought a Tonnopro low profile rollup cover a year ago & it has worked well for me. It's quite similar to the ones you posted, but usually sells for less money. I like this style, as you don't give up bed space, they don't weigh much and they're easy to open and close. They can be mildly annoying to install though, so be patient and creative & have a good stock of tools to work with. The clamps they use can be a pain to keep in place properly when you're trying to tighten them. If you lube the bolt threads with WD40, or anti-seize, it helps quite a bit. I also added extra foam tape in spots to improve the sealing.
  8. I got 4 free oil changes at the dealer as part of the package when I bought my truck last June. I've used them all up and typically check the oil thru each cycle. I haven't noticed any significant loss of oil between changes & I usually go 12500km or so between changes. The dealer uses a synthetic blend 0w20.
  9. 4cyl Silverado?

    Looking at the dyno chart, I'd say no lag. Peak torque at 1500 rpm & the flattest torque curve I've ever seen. None of the early test reports that I've seen have mentioned any lag.......... With that torque curve, this thing could be geared the same way as my current truck and should get pretty exceptional hwy mileage & still pull better than my old 2006 fullsize. Currently, I have a 2017 w/3.42 and the 6 speed.
  10. Same here. Over the past few years, all of the gawker media sites have become infested with extreme left wing snowflake marxists; both the writers and commenters. I used to occasionally post on their comment sections, but got banned because I called a couple of people out on obvious lies. Every once in a while, I'll pop into Jalopnik to read one of the articles if it appears interesting & there's always a pop-up asking me to disable my adblocker....lol, the nerve of them.
  11. Frame wax coating repaired under warranty

    When I bought my '17 last June, I did something that I normally wouldn't do; I paid a bunch of $$ for the undercoating.....('Trucoat'-...LOL). GM dealers here in Ontario sell an undercoating that goes on thick and only semi-dries. It won't come off from driving conditions like many other products do. It goes on right over the wax and doesn't cause any problems with it. I had to get the installer to do it twice, because they did a poor job the first time. They didn't do much better the 2nd time & I had to show them how to do it properly....... Frustrating.. Later, I also bought some amber body oil & some black gel undercoat from another supplier & did all the interior panels, etc. (that the undercoat installer didn't do properly either). I also sprayed the black gel over the 'undercoat' to keep it from drying out & also inside all the frame rails, suspension, axles, etc. During the winter I try to wash the undercarriage every month or so & again in the spring after the snow melts. This spring I asked the dealer if I could buy some of the undercoating from them to do touch-ups etc. They sold me a can of it, which goes on a schutz gun. They only charged me $15.00 for the can. I already had a schutz gun at home, so no problem applying it. I went over everything this spring again to touch up etc. . After a year, the whole undercarriage still looks like new. I'll just buy more of the 'Trucoat' from the dealer for future touch-ups. I figure if I can keep it looking like that for 5-6 years, with a few hours of work each year, the truck will be worth several $'000 more to sell or trade when the time comes. Plus, it looks nice when everything is black and clean in the wheel wells etc. & also is a lot nicer to work on when everything isn't all rusty.
  12. Yep, glad he's fine & it just damaged the car. I've seen many cases where runaway wheels have caused horrific incidents. He might develope a liking for that truck though
  13. 2019 Chevrolet Colorado - What's New, Changed, & Removed

    That thought came to my mind when they first announced that engine; It should be going in the mid sizes as well.
  14. Crashes aren't as much of the game when you're driving the pace car... This is a high profile corporate dude (who happens to be a good, experienced driver with a racing license) driving their own high profile creation in a high profile manner, in a way expected, in high profile event. If he isn't feeling at least a bit frustrated and/or embarrassed, there's something wrong. Even regular race drivers get frustrated/angry/embarrassed when stuff like this happens in a normal event. The only way forward is to pick yourself up and carry on. However, the frustration can hang around for a while. I'm sure his buddies will be teasing him about it for a while.... Don't get me wrong- I'm not gloating at his expense: As soon as I saw the report on this, I felt bad for him as I personally know how it can feel when shit like this happens......One time I wiped out due to a klutzy move, literally less than 100 ft into the start of an enduro, right in front of everyone......damn I was both sheepish & mad..... LOL Just my thoughts.....
  15. I imagine he might be feeling a bit embarrassed........

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