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  1. Destroyed front hubs @150k

    It's the bearings that go bad in the hubs. It has nothing to do with manual or pushbutton transfer case, or 4wd. Your hubs actually would have been going bad for a while before they started squealing. They start feeling a bit odd when you go around corners. They gradually get worse & generally give you lots of notice before they fail outright. All GM hubs go bad after a certain point, on 1500, 2500 & 3500 trucks. In a sense it's normal maintenance. It's a good idea to check the front hubs everytime the tires are rotated, at minimum.
  2. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    Your comparison to national averages means nothing, as personal averages are a local thing. If you lived in the LA area where traffic is always heavy, you'd be quite a bit below the averages, no matter what you do. Same as in the GTA. It's all fine and dandy to put all the effort into doing what you do, but I can guarantee that you are 'that guy' pissing everyone else off on the roads on a daily basis. You really belong in a Prius, not a pickup truck. At least it would be honest then. Now, since you admittedly don't like the new 2.7 & given that this topic is 2.7 turbo fan club, perhaps your energy would be better spent elsewhere........Jus sayin'
  3. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    The poster this likely refers to only claims that because he's driving a singlecab base model, never tows, or hauls payload & he never goes over 55mph. I'd ignore his claims as they are apples to oranges & they're simply unrealistic for normal use. I can get those numbers in my '17 5.3 4x4 dbl cab, but I have to drive about 40-50mph steady on flat ground with no headwind. I've done it over a 60 mile average, but again it's not realistic. (it was in a long construction zone on a highway) I think these new 2.7 liter motors are built pretty stout and will likely handle tuning up over 450hp without a problem, so I'd ignore the naysayers on that as well. Left stock, they aren't going to 'pop' any more than a Honda 4 banger. Glad to hear your experiences with the new 2.7. I've been thinking about it as a possibility for my next truck. I drive a fair bit & don't do a lot of heavy towing and would like to save a bit on fuel if I could. On paper it looks like it might meet my needs. However, it won't happen for a couple years at least.
  4. As was posted above, this is a dealer problem, not a GM problem. You get the same shitty dealers selling the other makes as well. When I bought my '17, I first looked at a really nice used one(a 2016) that was almost identical to the one I own. This was at a dealer a bit over an hour away. That dealer was nice, but played some games and wanted waaay too much $$ for the used truck. The sales guy even brought the sales manager in to his office and the 2 of them tried as a tag team to sell me that truck. It didn't work, however I did appreciate getting to deal direct with the Sales manager. I was prepared to pay cash, but had a price that I wouldn't budge over. They didn't understand that their tactics don't work on me. I left & explained to the sales guy that my price was my price and that's it. I gave them my card and said if they want to sell the truck, give me a call. On the way home I stopped at a local GMC/Chev dealer & had a great experience. Went looking for used, but got a new one for less than used. Gave the sales guy my list of specs & he gave me a price I couldn't refuse. He found the truck at another dealer & brought it in for me. No trades, no sales managers, cash deal. Easy. After I bought this truck(which has been the best truck I've ever owned), sales guy from the first dealer phoned, wanting to deal on the used one I had looked at. Told him 'it's too late' and really deflated him when I told him what I paid for a new one. It was about $2000 less than his used one. LOL
  5. Fumoto Valve

    I put one on my truck & love it. So much less mess when changing oil. I have to change oil in my driveway with no hoist. With the drain bolt, I always ended up with a mess no matter what I did. With the fumoto valve, I run a hose into a 10 liter jug & get no mess at all. If a guy is going to forget to close a Fumoto valve, he'll also forget to re-install and or tighten a drain bolt. It makes no difference. At least with the fumoto valve you can shut it off in a second. It's also nice for drawing an oil sample when you want.
  6. Tonneau covers the good, the bad, the ugly

    I bought a roll of narrow weatherstrip foam & put it under each side rail. That helped a bunch. Part of the issue is that I have a Backrack, which creates a small gap on the sides near the front. If you don't have a Backrack, it will be less of an issue, or not at all. I think a bit is still getting in at either the rear corners or at the front. (maybe 1/2 quart or so during a really heavy rainfall) The bit of water that does get in isn't a big deal, especially in the summer when it quickly evaporates. Plus having a plastic bedliner in with drain holes in the front helps, as any water just settles into the bottom small channels between the ribs on the floor. I carry cardboard boxes frequently & my biggest concern is keeping them dry. So far, it's working pretty good, especially if I don't put them right at the front. (I usually park facing downhill, so the little bit of water that gets in pools at the front before draining, or evaporating.) This summer, I'll probably beef up the front seal and do something at the rear corners.
  7. Tonneau covers the good, the bad, the ugly

    I put a Tonnopro soft rollup on my '17 when new. I needed something that would keep the rain and snow out, but also let me use 100% of the bed. This one does that. It also needed to fit under my Backrack, which this one does. It was also a very low price. It has velcro sides which work good. It does need a bit of extra work to get it to seal around the sides etc. A little bit of water still gets in on mine sometimes, which I may address this summer. Also, it was a bit annoying to install, but I've only had to do that twice & the 2nd time went much easier. It's been good value for me so far.
  8. Gas Mileage on 5.3 V8 engine on a 4x4

    I know that my '17 is capable of getting pretty decent mileage. It's just hard to get it often due to heavy traffic, weather, construction, etc. where I live. My best so far is 8.3liters per 100km, over a 100km stretch, which works out to about ~27.5 mpg US. On long highway trips, where I can take it easy and not have stupid traffic etc., I can usually avg about 23-24mpg US over a whole tank. My DIC is a bit optimistic, but still pretty close to manual calcs. I have a 5.3, 3.42 4x4 dbl cab 1500 with a tonneau cover. Waaay better in every way than the old 84 fullsize 4x4 I had years ago. lol
  9. Duratrac tire question

    I've used Duratracs for the last 2 winters and quite like them, especially in the snow. Also, they do wear like iron. They're a bit noisy and get a bit worse fuel mileage. I take mine off in the spring and put the stock tires and rims back on for the summer. Duratracs are my goto winter tire now. I rotate every 10,000 km but don't do it the way the manual says. I rotate clockwise 1 corner each time I do a rotation (RF>RR>LR>LF>RF). Some folks may disagree, but this works for me & I've gotten exceptionally good life out of my tires, on all my vehicles over the past 30 years. ( For example - I once got almost 110,000 miles, yes miles, out of a set of 14" michelins on a VW Jetta)
  10. How do you justify a new truck every 2-3 years?

    IMHO, people that put on a lot of miles, (50k per year and up) should upgrade every 2-3 yrs. The rest of us don't need to. If you want to, that's fine. It's your money. Why aren't you happy with your current '16? I have a '17 like yours with more than 2x the miles on and still love it. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

    Based on my experience, (driven a 69, owned a 1973, 1984, 2006 and now 2017 GMC FS), I'd say the '17 is, by far, the best of all on them, in all respects. It does everthing better and looks good while doing it. Over 83,000km on the 17 so far and still love it. My next truck will be another GMC in about 2-4 years. I have no issues with the new ones. They look great in person and I'd be happy to drive one.
  12. Undercoating or rustproofing

    This is a poll regarding undercoating vehicles.
  13. Anyone know which years have the old style and which have the new style? Ie. When did GM switch designs?
  14. Deep Dive: Get Educated About The 2019 Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    For what it's worth, there have been quite a few on here that have made it past 130k no problem. My brother has an '11 with well over that and no issues.
  15. Deep Dive: Get Educated About The 2019 Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    Assuming this reply was to me- I don't need to work in auto repair to know what's what with the 5.3. My first one had 200k miles on it when I sold it & it was still going strong. My current one has 50 k on it and has been flawless. It'll go a long time as well. Not only that, but there are many, many others with similar results. I'm sure you see the odd dud here and there, but remember you only see what rolls in your shop with problems. You don't see the ones that don't have problems, which is the clear majority- probably >90%.

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