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  1. IMO, the new 4cyl turbo should also be offered in the midsized trucks. I would have guessed with its torque curve that it would get better highway mileage........say 26-28 or so.
  2. Bent rods due to no back pressure?

    (Bold) Where on earth do these clowns come from? Going by that reasoning, every single racecar/truck etc. in history would have bent rods everytime they start up. Good Lord!(facepalm)
  3. Where are the 2.7L engines

    Chatted with the sales guy at the dealer where I bought my '17. I want to test one of them as well, due to the amount of highway miles I drive. He said as soon as he gets one, I'm to come in and try it out.
  4. Must have options

    Before I bought my current truck - 2017 SLE 4x4 dbl cab(which I LOVE!!), I had prepped a list of what I want, so when the time came I would be ready. I think this is important when buying, so one doesn't overbuy, or underbuy, or mistakenly try to compare apples to oranges. The list was based on what I had in my previous truck, plus a few new things I found I wanted. My new truck also came with heated seats, which wasn't on my list & I always thumbed my nose at previously. However, they have really grown on me!! LOL I really like the backup cam & also want one on the front. Also love the colour DIC & 8" touch display. Went with the GM undercoating (big$$$) & glad I did, as it is a great product, though I still think it's too pricy. All the other options were on my list because I used them in my last truck and liked them. This is the list I sent to the dealer: Must haves: 4x4 (Kodiak ?) SLE or SLT Double cab, or crew Power windows Power locks Power mirrors Heated mirrors and rear window Intermittent wipers A/C Cruise Tilt & telescoping wheel power seat 2 12v power ports USB ports Auto dimming center mirror Compass & outside temp DIC with real time mileage etc. Running/step boards rear camera 8" display screen box liner-plastic or spray-in 5.3 liter 3.08 or 3.42 rear, but need to test drive a 3.42 first. Tow package with brake controller Black or dark grey interior - cloth 40/20/40 front seat keyless entry Aluminum rims 17 or 18" Splash guards recovery hooks locking rear diff. 4 movable upper cargo tie downs Wants/nice to haves: 1st Cardinal Red colour, or 2nd Crimson red 3rd White 4th Silver 110v port Nav (maybe) or Apple car play. rear fender liners undercoating
  5. how long are your wheel bearings lasting?

    I'm at almost 75,000km (~47,000 miles) & mine are still fine. They are doing waaaay better than my old '06, which had both replaced by this many KM. I had to replace them on that truck about every 50-70,000km regardless of which brand I used. If it's similar to replacing them as on the GMT 800's, it's about a 1-3 hrs job, depending on a few factors & what tools you have access to.
  6. The buying process is rough when money matters

    When I bought my '17 Sierra, it was the best time buying a vehicle I've ever had. Here are a few things that probably helped: 1. I didn't need to buy a truck right then. I already had one that was still working for me, although it was getting long in the tooth. I started looking before I needed to buy and said I would only buy now if the price was very enticing. I was clear about that from the start. 2. I knew exactly what I wanted and had a list already made. I stuck 100% to that list. 3. I dealt with a dealership that allows the sales staff to make their own deals. None of that 'I have to check with my manager' crap. This is very important IMO and really levels the field. 4. The staff at this dealership has integrity. 5. I sold my old truck separately. It wasn't worth much for a trade anyways and needed a bunch of work to get it ready for sale. I gave the salesman my list in June of 17 and he found me a truck that hit almost all the boxes a few days later. The remaining options were added at a discount. He quoted me a price low enough that I didn't feel the need to dicker. I got a big discount and they still make a few bux, which is important. I went in, signed the papers, wrote a check and picked the truck up 2 days later. I was quite happy with the experience and gave the salesperson & dealership high marks on the survey. For anyone in Southwestern ON looking for a GM truck or car, SMP in Stratford has been a good place to deal with in my experience.
  7. New Truck Owner

    To clarify- Most differentials send power to the wheel with the least traction. The one exception is the Torsen. It sends the power to the wheel with the most traction. Quite a clever design.
  8. Advice please

    When I sell or trade my current '17 in a few years, whoever gets it, will get a very nice Cdn truck with no rust, but very clean with lots of hwy miles & good maintenance history. Yes, I do drive in winter on salty roads, but that can be mitigated by proper oil spraying/undercoating and regular cleaning. Southern ON isn't any different than most of the northern border states when it comes to road salt.
  9. Online sales with flat rate shipping!

    ZOOM is now available online in Canada, with $5.00 flat rate shipping to addresses in Canada. Additional products to be added soon. https://www.getnano.ca/shop
  10. Lets talk Dash Cams. Who has one?

    Have had one for several years now. Just a front one so far. Gives me a lot of piece of mind. Even if it doesn't work, it can be very effective at convincing an offending party to NOT lie to the cops. All you have to do is just point at it and say- "Make sure you don't lie; see that dash camera by my rearview mirror?" If they ask to see the footage, just say"I'm saving it for the police"
  11. 5.3L Oil Drain Plug & Filter

    I put a Fumoto style drain on my '17 & plan to add a filter magnet. Oil changes are a lot easier to manage & less messy now. My previous 06 had a magnetic drain plug & usually had a bit of fine metal spooge on it at each oil change. Was surprised my 17' had no magnet on the drain plug.
  12. I also have a 17 5.3 with close to the same amount of miles on it. No catch can & probably don't need one. No issues & the AFM is quite seamless.
  13. Low Profile Tonneau Cover Recommendations

    I bought a Tonnopro low profile rollup cover a year ago & it has worked well for me. It's quite similar to the ones you posted, but usually sells for less money. I like this style, as you don't give up bed space, they don't weigh much and they're easy to open and close. They can be mildly annoying to install though, so be patient and creative & have a good stock of tools to work with. The clamps they use can be a pain to keep in place properly when you're trying to tighten them. If you lube the bolt threads with WD40, or anti-seize, it helps quite a bit. I also added extra foam tape in spots to improve the sealing.
  14. I got 4 free oil changes at the dealer as part of the package when I bought my truck last June. I've used them all up and typically check the oil thru each cycle. I haven't noticed any significant loss of oil between changes & I usually go 12500km or so between changes. The dealer uses a synthetic blend 0w20.
  15. 4cyl Silverado?

    Looking at the dyno chart, I'd say no lag. Peak torque at 1500 rpm & the flattest torque curve I've ever seen. None of the early test reports that I've seen have mentioned any lag.......... With that torque curve, this thing could be geared the same way as my current truck and should get pretty exceptional hwy mileage & still pull better than my old 2006 fullsize. Currently, I have a 2017 w/3.42 and the 6 speed.

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