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  1. I get that message sometimes as well. I just want to know if there's a way I can disable it. It's not telling me anything I don't already know. Perhaps you're being sarcastic? Isn't that a light sensor for the headlights, when they're on auto?
  2. C'mon, live a bit more on the edge! J/K........
  3. Don- How did you make out with yours this winter? Here's my drivers side after a quick 2 minute cleanup from the mess of winter. These ones did OK for me IMO. There's a bit of wear from my right heel, but I think that should be expected....
  4. 2019 Silverado & Sierra Horsepower Figures Leaked Or Not?

    1. Yep, that how upselling works. Point 2; They don't have to do much as none of the Ford engines appear to be able to meet what the GM engines can do mileage wise in the real world. I see lot's of guys post their numbers on Facebook truck groups & all the ecoboost engines are getting much worse than I do with my 5.3.
  5. Several factors at play. The 86's weren't actually faster & apples to apples were slower by a bit. I had an 87, bought new. The biggest issue with stock tires was getting them to hook up consistently. They'd usually be fine just off the line, even with a full launch, but once the turbo fully spooled, the tires were toast. Put both cars apples to apples, in pure stock form, stock factory tune, stock boost profile, same weights, same fuel, on the same drag slicks, same time, same track & the 87 will prevail 9 times out of 10. These were some of the first cars that the techies could mess with the tuning profiles via computer & they did. Back then, if the person knew how, they could keep the car looking bone stock, but easily up the boost by 3-5lbs and improve the fuel map, getting an extra 50+ hp. Even 20-30 hp is all you need to fool and mess with people at the strip.
  6. Yep. If it had everthing else, but had a 4.3 instead of the 5.3, I would have passed. I had a 5.3 before in my old 06 & wanted the increased power of the new one. I quite like the 5.3 that came with this truck.
  7. IMO, you're better off to create a list of 'must haves' of what you really want in a truck. Once you have that list created, buy whichever truck checks all the boxes at the right price. Without a list like that, it's easy to overlook things accidently, or end up paying up for stuff you don't want/need. For example; Before I bought my current truck, I created this 'must have' list & found one that checked almost all the boxes at a very good price. The items missing were quoted and added by the dealer, so all the boxes ended up getting checked: 4x4 (Kodiak ?) SLE or SLT Red, white or silver in colour Double cab Power windows Power locks Power mirrors Heated mirrors and rear window Intermittent wipers A/C Cruise Tilt & telescoping wheel power drivers seat 2 12v power ports 110v power port USB ports Auto dimming center mirror Compass & outside temp DIC with real time mileage etc. Running/step boards rear camera 8" display screen box liner-plastic or spray-in 5.3 liter 3.08 or 3.42 rear Tow package with brake controller Black or dark grey interior - cloth 40/20/40 front seat keyless entry Aluminum rims 17 or 18" Splash guards recovery hooks locking rear diff. 4 movable upper cargo tie downs
  8. Wow....no filter

    What he said ^^^^
  9. Dealers in Canada

    There have been a number of new dealers recently added in BC, AB, SK and Ontario; https://www.getnano.ca/dealers-conc
  10. Chevy Gives 2019 Camaro A Huge Makeover - Do You Like It?

    I think they did a nice job on these!
  11. If by any chance, you live in Canada, ZOOM cleaner is a very effective solution. One cleaner easily does the wheels & also the whole vehicle, without the need for expensive specialty cleaners. Brake dust & road grime just comes right off with very little effort.
  12. Got a Camper/RV or Motorhome?

    ZOOM is incredibly effective and easy to use on an RV that needs cleaning See this short video on how quickly and easily it is to clean heavy insect residue and black streaks;
  13. If you live in Canada, ZOOM Cleaner is a product that works exceptionally well at easily removing brake dust. It's available at powersports and RV dealers & soon to be available at Automotive shops. Here's a link to a quick video;
  14. I think that (in bold) is only true in a small amount of cases. The G80 has been heavily documented as trouble prone & when one looks at the design, it's easy to see why. It's an inherently screwball design that has heavy shock loads happen when it's supposed to engage. Those shock loads ultimately cause many of the units to fail. It's a design that looks great on paper, but has issues in the real world.

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