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  1. Duratrac tire question

    I've used Duratracs for the last 2 winters and quite like them, especially in the snow. Also, they do wear like iron. They're a bit noisy and get a bit worse fuel mileage. I take mine off in the spring and put the stock tires and rims back on for the summer. Duratracs are my goto winter tire now. I rotate every 10,000 km but don't do it the way the manual says. I rotate clockwise 1 corner each time I do a rotation (RF>RR>LR>LF>RF). Some folks may disagree, but this works for me & I've gotten exceptionally good life out of my tires, on all my vehicles over the past 30 years. ( For example - I once got almost 110,000 miles, yes miles, out of a set of 14" michelins on a VW Jetta)
  2. How do you justify a new truck every 2-3 years?

    IMHO, people that put on a lot of miles, (50k per year and up) should upgrade every 2-3 yrs. The rest of us don't need to. If you want to, that's fine. It's your money. Why aren't you happy with your current '16? I have a '17 like yours with more than 2x the miles on and still love it. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

    Based on my experience, (driven a 69, owned a 1973, 1984, 2006 and now 2017 GMC FS), I'd say the '17 is, by far, the best of all on them, in all respects. It does everthing better and looks good while doing it. Over 83,000km on the 17 so far and still love it. My next truck will be another GMC in about 2-4 years. I have no issues with the new ones. They look great in person and I'd be happy to drive one.
  4. Undercoating or rustproofing

    This is a poll regarding undercoating vehicles.
  5. Anyone know which years have the old style and which have the new style? Ie. When did GM switch designs?
  6. Deep Dive: Get Educated About The 2019 Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    For what it's worth, there have been quite a few on here that have made it past 130k no problem. My brother has an '11 with well over that and no issues.
  7. Deep Dive: Get Educated About The 2019 Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    Assuming this reply was to me- I don't need to work in auto repair to know what's what with the 5.3. My first one had 200k miles on it when I sold it & it was still going strong. My current one has 50 k on it and has been flawless. It'll go a long time as well. Not only that, but there are many, many others with similar results. I'm sure you see the odd dud here and there, but remember you only see what rolls in your shop with problems. You don't see the ones that don't have problems, which is the clear majority- probably >90%.
  8. Deep Dive: Get Educated About The 2019 Silverado's New 2.7L Turbo Four

    I'd hazard a guess that it can safely do 200-300k miles. All 5.3's can easily do that. Given the actual use it will typically be subjected to, it shouldn't be a problem. In many ways this could be the engine that a lot of 5.3 buyers may actually want. It should tow better(not heavier, just better) and drive better given the torque output.
  9. Anyone Fluid-Film Their Frame Yet?

    Got a good coat on there. I think FF can work well for folks that do limited winter driving. I do a fair bit of winter driving & I found it couldn't handle a whole winter of steady splashing and spray from wet salty roads, especially on certain parts of the truck. It does need re-applying, or at least in my case that's what I found.
  10. Ideas to increase half ton fuel range

    There are a few options, depending on your needs/wants; One option is a front mount bed storage boxes that have built in fuel tanks. Also fuel tank only boxes that mount across the front of the bed. My father used this method on his diesel 3500. He had it rigged up such that all he had to do was flip a switch to use the auxiliary tank. One advantage he liked was fueling up where fuel was cheaper + the greatly extended range. Also, I think you can buy smaller saddle tanks that fit in front of the wheel wells inside the box, on either side.
  11. Anyone Fluid-Film Their Frame Yet?

    From what I've seen and experienced, typical undercoatings such as FF, Krown, 'Dripless' oil etc. get cleaned off due to normal driving and have to be re-applied once or even 2x a year. Many of them are also sticky, so attract dirt, which compromises them over time. Re-spraying every year can get expensive and also can leave a window of time open where the vehicle can be vulnerable to rust forming, usually late winter, early spring. If you could buy a really good, effective product for the underside of a vehicle, that you applied once when the vehicle is new, didn't harm the frame wax & that didn't come off from salt spray, washing, etc., & lasted for years, would you buy it?
  12. Interior

    2017 SLE with 50k miles. No rattles or noticeable squeaks. My 2006 before that had an amazing interior as well. Held up very well for over 200k miles.
  13. IMO, the new 4cyl turbo should also be offered in the midsized trucks. I would have guessed with its torque curve that it would get better highway mileage........say 26-28 or so.
  14. Bent rods due to no back pressure?

    (Bold) Where on earth do these clowns come from? Going by that reasoning, every single racecar/truck etc. in history would have bent rods everytime they start up. Good Lord!(facepalm)
  15. Where are the 2.7L engines

    Chatted with the sales guy at the dealer where I bought my '17. I want to test one of them as well, due to the amount of highway miles I drive. He said as soon as he gets one, I'm to come in and try it out.

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