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  1. Leveling Kit is a popular and somewhat economical way to "lift" the nose to reduce the factory rake. 35's will look awesome on an AT4 whether 18 or 20 but 18's will ride and crawl better. Guess it will depend on how often you go off road. Good luck with shopping for it!
  2. noise from roof - pop

    Mine did this the first couple weeks, but seemed to have gone away recently.
  3. Wheel Locks

    Anyone running Gorilla locks? Pics? Part Number handy?
  4. I been seeing a few Trailboss' running around here and... Man are they gorgeous! Looks so different than anything on the road.
  5. I agree, 2007 was revolutionary from where it was at that time. 2014 was a modernized and updated version of the 900. T1 went hard on this update!
  6. Wheel Locks

    Thanks UGADawgs!
  7. Wheel Locks

    Thank you for the response CamGTP
  8. Who's running wheel locks? What's your opinion on them? I am debating whether or not I should add them. Let me know what you think.
  9. Swapped out Duelers for Defenders.
  10. Rear window leak

    I found mine by hosing down the rear of the roof where it meets the spoiler and the top of the glass right under the spoiler.
  11. Both are beautiful colors. Either way you decide, I'm sure you'll be happy. Me personally, I'd get the Silver Ice but If you can't come to a firm decision, you can go with the one that's cheaper? 😁
  12. HID LED'S

    Have the LTZ and they are much brighter than my old 2015 Projectors.
  13. These OEM? Where did you get them?
  14. 2019 Silverado $1k White or Shiny Mud?

    Love the Havana Brown! Beautifully different, I have yet to see the Oakwood. Looks like it would be gorgeous as well.
  15. Coming from a 2015, I love the '19 interior. I would not expect much of a redesign until a complete platform change. The over life cycle seems to be shorter these days compared to previous generations. K2 being the shortest of them all.

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