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  1. It was hard for me to give up CD's but I did and I am glad. I put all my music on a flash drive. Have about 3,000 songs at my finger tips! No more flipping through my CD case! I even have pod casts and other stuff. Hope this helps with your decision, Good luck!
  2. I went from a '15 to a '19 and have zero regrets. If the money is right now, I say do it! There was nothing wrong with my '15 either. I knew from the moment I drove the '19 it was over. Good Luck!
  3. I have zero issues with my '19 interior. The seats, although more firm than my '15, are quite comfy and the heated and ventilation is much improved as well. You almost feel it immediately as opposed to the old generation. I know hands down the Ram may be flashier but it doesn't bother me. Deal sealer was when I had a loaner 2018 LT while my truck was in the shop. The whole time I was driving it, I missed the interior and features of my '19. This is just my honest opinion and in no way criticizing any of the other generations or models.
  4. I was in the same boat buying in January. I could have gotten a few more thousand if I waited it out.
  5. Mine still looks good after 5,200 miles. Mine's an LTZ so Denali may be higher grade of leather? Took a minute to get used to as they are a bit stiffer than my 2015 seats but they are comfy. Handle helps with drag and wear. If you have running boards, you should be fine. Take an extended test drive. Some dealer will even let you keep it for a few days.
  6. Maybe I do not have all my information together. He posted this to his Instagram stating that it was the first so I assumed they were in production.
  7. Here is the photo. It's from Chevy Dude Mike Davenport. Not my pic, just sharing
  8. Saw a white LT running down the road this week. These trucks look tough as hell!
  9. Had mine in twice to fix. Dealer was nothing but top notch with my issue. First attempt was a seal. It ended up leaking a bit worse. After notifying them with pics, they order new window, headliner and trim pieces (and a wheel, separate story). Parts took forever to get in. They had to re-ship the headliner 3 times as the first two had creases from transit. They offered me a loaner each time. My truck was out in a week and a day.
  10. Leveling Kit is a popular and somewhat economical way to "lift" the nose to reduce the factory rake. 35's will look awesome on an AT4 whether 18 or 20 but 18's will ride and crawl better. Guess it will depend on how often you go off road. Good luck with shopping for it!
  11. Mine did this the first couple weeks, but seemed to have gone away recently.
  12. Anyone running Gorilla locks? Pics? Part Number handy?
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