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  1. 2019 Silverado $1k White or Shiny Mud?

    Love the Havana Brown! Beautifully different, I have yet to see the Oakwood. Looks like it would be gorgeous as well.
  2. When do trucks get updated interior?

    Coming from a 2015, I love the '19 interior. I would not expect much of a redesign until a complete platform change. The over life cycle seems to be shorter these days compared to previous generations. K2 being the shortest of them all.
  3. Trailer TPMS sensors?

    My salesman had them in his desk. They are unique to the VIN so be sure to contact the dealership to find out.
  4. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

  5. Rear window leak

    Took mine in today after finding drops on my rear seat. Glad I found this thread!
  6. Slammed 2019 Silverado

    I'm feeling these.....
  7. Each generation gets better in some or many ways over the outgoing model. At least in my experience, I have been lucky enough to own a few in my day. I loved my 2015 and thought it was the perfect truck. I didn't think it would be that big of a difference going to a '19 but it was. So much more pep with the 5.3 & 8 speed. The extra room, better (brighter) headlights, and many little new features the '15 didn't have. No regrets so far. The moment I drove it, I knew it was over. The styling of the front was so different than what we ever seen. I didn't think they could get any bolder or muscular but they keep doing so. I suggest anyone that is on the fence, go to your dealer and drive one.
  8. 2019 Auto Show Impressions

    I came from a 2015 and have zero regrets. Far better truck than my previous one. Even my friend who has a 2014 was impressed with the changes.
  9. RCSB sighting

    I had a '94 RCSB as well. Miss that thing. No major issues other than a battery

    Congratulations! She's a beaut!!
  11. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    It took a while but I am starting to see more on the roads now. They do look good rolling by,
  12. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Purchased! Thank you!
  13. RCSB sighting

    Not my pic but damn do they look awesome!
  14. Show Us Your 2019 & Up T1 Pictures !

    Details??? I want one!
  15. Silverado/Sierra vs. Tahoe/Yukon

    So many times, I was on the fence between SUV & Pickup. I could never get past the price difference. I love the idea of the passenger room and shorter wheelbase the SUV offers but I also found the crew cab short bed to be more practical for my needs. Looking back, I've hauled couches, refrigerators and appliances on on spontaneous purchases. I wouldn't have been able to haul that in a Tahoe. My new rig just barely fits in my garage so I am lucky there. Then again, this is based on my experiences. Good luck with the decision!

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