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  1. Zach1990s 2014 Silverado

    I would recommend putting a clear bra on the rockers of the truck or areas that are prone to getting pelted with road debris.. I have 22x12's on my truck and I had my rockers done with clear bra to avoid the chips
  2. as others have said, I would wait for the new body style to come out and get a heavily discounted pre 2019 truck, I bought one of the last GMT900 trucks when the K2's came out, got it for over 11k off sticker.
  3. I hope they have the Oakwood available on the High Country 2500's!
  4. if you are looking for a beefy tire, the Nitto Ridge Grappler are really good tires, aggressive tread pattern and look great while not having the annoyances of the Toyo MT's. Terra Grapplers are great tires as well.
  5. I have a Denali with a painted front end. I have XPEL brand clear-bra on the entire front end I got the rockers and behind the wheel wells done as well. the line from the film does not bother me, it is not visible enough to be and annoyance. I would gladly take the line from the film over rock chips. the truck is a GMT900 which means there is ZERO rock protection behind the wheel wells from the factory. I also have wide tires so If I didn't have the film my paint would be trashed. im not sure about 3M brand film, but the place that installed XPEL has a lifetime warranty on the yellowing of the film which I had replaced for free after about 2 years of it on the truck. Pricing for all of the film was around 1200.
  6. they should at least offer a Silverado over a Colorado, cant imagine many MLB players wanting a Colorado over a Camaro
  7. I think it would be a good option for a Denali level truck as it is an enjoyable option and to be competitive with the other top 2. I have a pano on my mercedes and it already has been completely replaced only (1 year old at the time) once since it fell off the track somehow.. really enjoyable to have though. On a truck I personally have no desire for a glass roof.
  8. not a fan of the exhaust through the bumper, reminds me of a low rider with square exhaust tips.. really just like the simple factory exhaust they have been doing for years
  9. Is max trailer worth cost

    I towed all over with it, I've never towed with a 6.2 and it exceeded my expectations power wise, i live in a very hilly area as well and put the truck through its paces with a few WOT runs. I would totally get airbags for the rear if I was towing frequently as it was it bouncy even with the trailer loaded perfectly. sorry if it was posted before, but does the max tow have better brakes then a non max tow? I would foresee that being a good reason to get a max tow. the GMT900's max tow was a must since non max tow 1500's had drum brakes...
  10. totally worth it, have had it on my truck for 3 years, if you have a painted front end its a much. I also had my rockers done about 4 inches up the door since gm paint quality is trash
  11. Is max trailer worth cost

    I persoanlly dont think its necessary unless you are towing everyday or using the truck strictly as a work horse. I dont like tow mirrors, especially on a 1500. they are uneccesary for most trailers IMO. my dad has a 6.2 non Max tow and I have towed 10k with it multiple times with no issues at all it towed great.
  12. my dad has a 2017 6.2 without max tow, I have towed my 20ft trailer total weight of trailer loaded 10k on the dot, no issues whatsoever. if the trailer is loaded correctly and the trailer brakes are good it shouldn't be an issue
  13. didn't even know they had a "4 inch leveling kit", whatever is on that truck needs to be taken off asap, you most likely have worn suspension parts as well. would take it to a good front end shop. if you have ever wondered about why the ride is so rough this is your answer
  14. it is amazing that they are that much more expensive, its obviously the demand is greater for the full-size GM suv's, when I bought my duramax Denali in 2013 its sticker was 66k, and a same year Yukon Denali was 70k, seems like a no brainer to me on which one to purchase!
  15. Mods, Lift Kits, Etc...

    im sure there is a specific procedure the the dealers are required to follow when vehicles are modified, but in my experience it depends on the dealer. I have a local dealer that I have never actually bought anything from do 2 warranty repairs on my deleted duramax. they told me as long as the issue is not related to the modifications they would take care of it. the issues that were resolved were a oil pan gasket that was leaky and a non working power seat within the 36k mile warranty

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