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  1. yes, I heard it will have the same engines available as the S-class so the inline 6 and the 4.0.
  2. The GLS has been due for an update for quite a few years.. I will say after spending some time behind a GLS550, it is really fun vehicle to drive. Shame the 4.7l TT V8 won't carry over!
  3. pretty much exactly what I do, I bought my 14 LML Denali for 56k new, just got an offer on trade in for 45k. had it for 5 years and 4 months, pretty happy with that return!
  4. 5.3 vs 3.0

    I have a 2019 Sprinter with a 3.0 diesel, from what I have heard it is similar to other 3.0 diesels. its my first smaller displacement diesel, I have been able to spend time driving and hauling with. It drives very nice but it is in no way fast. phenomenal torque great for towing/hauling/MPG. but I would take a 5.3 or preferably a 6.2 in a personal pickup, no doubt.
  5. I really dont think these new 2020 HD trucks look good at all, I didn't have a problem with any other GM trucks but these are brutal, the mirrors are horrible and the front ends dont look good to me, interior still isn't comparable to the other big 2... this solidified that I will be getting a powerstroke to replace my LML!
  6. I much prefer the short bed, my dad has a 17 crew cab short and I really enjoy driving it, unless you constantly have items bigger the the bed or things that will be hanging out of the bed I would go with a short bed all day, you can easily haul a full size 4x4 quad with the tailgate down. I think they look way better too.
  7. if you dont enjoy the truck, I would get rid of it if it financially makes sense. there's no reason to create financial burden if you dont need to. If you get the truck you want you would possibly be less inclined to get rid of it so quickly, I dont like keeping vehicles for over 3 years but my current truck I have had for 5 years and while I really want a new one I enjoy my truck and have not had any issues with it, as well as enjoying having it paid off!
  8. 2019 RAM Heavy Duty

    impressive numbers, id have to say this is a good looking truck.. way better the the 2020 Silverado HD.. still wouldn't buy a Ram/Dodge product though. will be going with a new powerstroke this year no doubt.
  9. Zach1990s 2014 Silverado

    I would recommend putting a clear bra on the rockers of the truck or areas that are prone to getting pelted with road debris.. I have 22x12's on my truck and I had my rockers done with clear bra to avoid the chips
  10. as others have said, I would wait for the new body style to come out and get a heavily discounted pre 2019 truck, I bought one of the last GMT900 trucks when the K2's came out, got it for over 11k off sticker.
  11. I hope they have the Oakwood available on the High Country 2500's!
  12. if you are looking for a beefy tire, the Nitto Ridge Grappler are really good tires, aggressive tread pattern and look great while not having the annoyances of the Toyo MT's. Terra Grapplers are great tires as well.
  13. I have a Denali with a painted front end. I have XPEL brand clear-bra on the entire front end I got the rockers and behind the wheel wells done as well. the line from the film does not bother me, it is not visible enough to be and annoyance. I would gladly take the line from the film over rock chips. the truck is a GMT900 which means there is ZERO rock protection behind the wheel wells from the factory. I also have wide tires so If I didn't have the film my paint would be trashed. im not sure about 3M brand film, but the place that installed XPEL has a lifetime warranty on the yellowing of the film which I had replaced for free after about 2 years of it on the truck. Pricing for all of the film was around 1200.
  14. they should at least offer a Silverado over a Colorado, cant imagine many MLB players wanting a Colorado over a Camaro
  15. I think it would be a good option for a Denali level truck as it is an enjoyable option and to be competitive with the other top 2. I have a pano on my mercedes and it already has been completely replaced only (1 year old at the time) once since it fell off the track somehow.. really enjoyable to have though. On a truck I personally have no desire for a glass roof.

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