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  1. You could put in a slightly bigger fuse.
  2. Just wire the new horn to one pole, 12v from battery to another and the source wire to the third. Follow directions. Works like stock. That's what they're for.
  3. Horns are high draw. Add a relay. https://www.amazon.com/Absolute-RLS125-12-VCD-Automotive-Relay/dp/B0002KR9GG/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1529506237&sr=8-5&keywords=12v++relay
  4. Silverado Sunroof Install?

    It had auto-close and maybe something else. It was great; never a problem.
  5. Silverado Sunroof Install?

    I had one installed on my 15. Better warranty than OEM from GM and more options.
  6. Silly Floor Mats

    I don't like the idea of plastic mats, but the Husky mats seems to be the favorites.
  7. I think two 12's will sound better than 4 8's. The 12's can hit so much lower in general.
  8. I paid 1750. 00 to have them installed on my old 2500 if that helps.
  9. Larger Fuel Tank

    Gasoline is listed as "flammable" and diesel is listed as only "combustible". There is no application for an auxiliary gas tank, (like in the bed) for a gas anything. You can add a bigger integrated tank though. Been there and done all that.
  10. 6.2 Mods

    I say leave it. CAI doesn't help.
  11. 7" radio 2017 Silverado LS

    Probably right. Buy a 70 thousand dollar truck and use it as a disposable item for a few years, replace it, and keep a 20 thousand dollar collector car to remind you of the good ol' days. That's what I do!
  12. There is some advantage, but not much, to just new door speakers. Check around and see what you like. Without a new amp and other components, it'll just be a start.
  13. Are you comfortable doing it your self?
  14. JL Audio for starters. MB Quartz too. Try Amazon. You will need an amp and HI LO converter too. What is your budget?
  15. Don't EVEN do it. They're not that good. Upgrade all you want, but to something, anything, better.

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