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  1. I believe for a 4x4 its something like 19/29 and a 2x4 22/33 or something like that.
  2. Is that reason there is more profit in gas then corn? As a consumer all I want is the option, I can make my own educated decision after that Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  3. I hate they took the capability away to run E-85. I always run E-85 in my 6.2 because not only is it a better fuel it's grown by a local farmer and I would rather support them then an oil company. I get about 10 mpg on e85 in town and got about 12 mpg on premium. Here premium is well over $1 more than e85 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. Have you ever bought DEF or actually looked how much it costs? Don't disagree that it is an added cost but considering the MPGs acheived by going diesel, the small added cost of the DEF is a non factor
  5. In the video he is thinking that the AT4 will be about 70 g's. Ouch........
  6. I think people are more upset (me anyway) that GM holds off with part of the GMC reveal telling us there is "more to come" and that has us all wondering what new thing they are hiding from us when in reality it is the exact same thing they showed us with the Trail Boss with just a different badge on it. Then they tell us it will be across there entire line, are you kidding me? Is there a Raptor Explorer? There doesn't need to be a AT4 Acadia. Stop trying to pretty things up GM and just give me a "truck"
  7. I can't wait till the AT4 Acadia shows up!!! (Not sure if you can sense the sarcasm or not in this post, but it's there)
  8. My point that you proved was that you, as well as the rest of us, don't know how the new GM diesel will perform. Time will tell with that and I hope it out performs the other modern half ton diesels, but we can all agree, as you mentioned, that the modern emission regulations are truly holding these engines back.
  9. So you are comparing a modern half ton diesel to a 98 ram and a 2000 ford diesel. Thanks for proving my point.
  10. Have you driven the "ecodiesel" or the new GM diesel? If not do you just enjoy putting things down you do not know about? Do you not enjoy 30+ mpg? Just a few questions a have after reading your negative posts.
  11. Curious to see what the 2 inch lift contains. Can't wait to see just how off road oriented it is.
  12. Quick question. How does the start/stop feature work with auto start? I would assume it would still let your vehicle warm up but have never tried one out
  13. Zoomed in on the knob, has an "N" on the bottom of it with an arrow on top of it. Also see a dedicated cargo light button!
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