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  1. Right! Ya caught me! Good job. What part of poor dealer knowledge didn't you read in my previous response? That's right, you didn't read it that way at all because your mind is set that GM is just out to get you and your money. I might know a bit more than you about the '17's but I guess not according to you so you just go with what you got there bud. Peace out. Time to log back off this forum for good this time.
  2. Nothing I've said would suggest that I think that no one should be concerned about sloppy steering. Stop assuming and putting words in my mouth. There's a real fix. '17's don't have the issue so.....?? Sounds like some dealers are struggling to get it done correctly. Not really a GM issue as the dealership, and their employees, are not employees of GM and GM is limited at what they can do "to" dealers that may be "slacking" in ability. Sounds horrible but whether you, or anyone else here, wants to believe it or not, it's the truth. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just looking at it as a realist. Complaining about it and "tracking" it on an Internet forum isn't fixing a damn thing, trust me. I've worked "inside" for years and been approached about things said on similar forums like this. I hate to say it but, things said here aren't getting you guys very far in most instances. My wish would be for better dealers but there are so many things that are screwed up in that aspect, I won't waste the time to even start a discussion on that. We'd need a lot of booze just to crack the surface lol. Good luck to all with issues and to getting them resolved.
  3. Simple fact. I can find problems with almost anything, if I search the Internet for reviews or forums on whatever it is that I'm looking for. Rarely are these places full of good news.
  4. I can tell you for a fact that it's not as big of an issue as it is made out to be here but, that pretty much goes for most anything you read on the internet.
  5. Sorry, can't comment on the swap. Never researched it or done it but I would be willing to bet that the ecm cals are not exactly the same. Physically it should bolt/plug in to the truck though.
  6. The pitman arm to shaft splines are external. I seriously doubt any dealer pulled the gear apart to be able to see if the any internal shaft teeth were chipped because GM doesn't pay for complete disassembly, inspection, repair or reassembly of steering gears anymore.
  7. No. If it is an DI 5.3 and E-85 compatible, they REALLY like E-85. My '14 5.3 runs almost as good as my L9H trucks did running premium, on E-85. Of course, the L9H trucks liked E-85 as well.
  8. Right. But how is metal shavings going to get inside a sealed box from outside without a failed seal which would leak fluid and wash the shavings away before they could get in the box? GM Customer Service, isn't "tech support" they are a call center that can contact the dealer and request the dealer to extend help to you, that's about it, in the context of this forum. Again, this post is the exact reason WHY there is a lack of "tech support" here. Nothing of this forum has ever guaranteed GM official tech support at all so??
  9. As far as running premium, my L9H trucks cost me less than $400 a year more to run on premium over regular octane and trust me, that engine HATED regular fuel. The DI 6.2 gets better mileage so the difference in price for fuel is a non-factor as far as I am concerned. The price for the engine is the big hit but boy I tell ya, they run hard as a mofo. My L9H trucks were fun. The DI 6.2's are like driving a sports car at times.
  10. Engines weigh the same. Trans weight is the difference. As far as I have seen, all 8 speed NHT trucks get 3:42 gears, all 6 speed NHT trucks get 3:73 gears. 3:08's and 3:23's come into play without the NHT package depending upon engine and drive (2 or 4WD) choices.
  11. It's impossible for metal from a worn pitman arm/shaft to get into the steering hydraulic system. Most of the "tech support" left this forum because they're sick of being asked for help then told they're wrong.
  12. The 6.2 is only available with the LTZ trim package. It is also only available currently, with the 8 spd trans, hence the 3:42 gear instead of the 3:73 gear that comes with the 5.3/6spd. All NHT trucks have the 9.76" rear axle.
  13. Roughly 20% is what you have to play with before the system should let you know what's going on.
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