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Mods & Tuner

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I think I am done for a while......this is what I have done so far:


* Volant cold air kit

* Magnaflow cat-back

* E3 spark plugs

* Diablosport Predator tuner......just updated latest CROM last night and finally got rid of the DOD......hell yeah!


I can honestly say, this is a much different truck than it was stock. Although GM puts out a great truck, these mods only improved driveability, increased horsepower and increased fuel mileage.


I drive about 45-50 miles into Houston every day and this truck maintains my sanity... :thumbs:


Getting rid of the DOD has really improved part throttle response, especially when you change your mind at the last minute.


I have the 20" wheels and this poor girl would hardly spin em' before the mods. While the exhaust and intake surely helped, I just feel the tuner completed the package. Now it will spin the tires with ease and probably would until I lift, if it didn't have the damn TCM trying to reduce torque......


I think the only thing I would like to add is a Roll-n-Lock bed cover and an in dash GPS/Stereo and I should be all done.


Anyway, this thread was supposed to be about the tuner, so I had better get to it. Short of getting a custom tune, the Diablo is far superior to any others I have used. I have had a Diablosport before, on 2002 SS Camaro, but they have made many improvements. I ran a Max Energy Hypertech on a 6.0L 2500HD and it just didn't seem to have the power or even increase in fuel mileage (which the 6.0L desperately needed).


If we can ever get into the TCM, I think the stars will align and this will be a better world!!

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I've been waiting for TCM control from diablo for 2 years now.. I wouldn't hold your breath. Thats why April I'm doing blackbear :thumbs:


And if you read the DS forums, I think there have been people waiting even longer than 2 years.

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I've been waiting for TCM control from diablo for 2 years now.. I wouldn't hold your breath. Thats why April I'm doing blackbear :thumbs:


Yeah, I am figuring that I am not the first one who has had this hope, BUT...... I can say the Predator is a much improved piece from the last one that I had, so I have hope.


With the warranty issue, short of buying another PCM, I don't know what other option I had...... :rollin:


Keep us posted on your tune!

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SO how much did the mpg improve from stock with all the upgrades?? I'll looking to get a 99 tahoe, and might put it through the same kinda setup.



I would conservatively guess around 2 mpg improvement. Sometimes it really seems like more, but then I step off in it..... :thumbs:


Likely the fuel mileage will take a looooong time to pay for the mods, but I really enjoy the driveability improvement. The hesitant shifting, acceleration.....was really annoying. I am sure it would be even better with the TCM tune, but we will wait and see.


As it stands now, I am very pleased with each mod and VERY pleased how they are all working together. I have done the exhaust and cold air kit on the wifes' last 3 Suburban's (2001, 2003 & 2007) but did NOT do the tuner on them. Given my results here, I should have. :rollin:

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