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  1. I don't think this worked with my S7 Edge, unless it was plugged in. Just picked up a S10 over the weekend, will have to try this out. Would be handy.
  2. Truck broken into. FAST too!

    It's too bad the OP's employer doesn't have a sign that says "No breaking into vehicles on company property" hanging somewhere. Would have stopped the thief for sure.
  3. Every so often, I joke with my wife about getting a topper (that's what we call them in the US-Midwest). She is very against it for some reason. She thinks I'm way too young for something like that. Whatever that means.
  4. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    Glad it worked out for you!
  5. Help!! Bought a truck tonight!

    I won't jump your crap for not measuring/checking the truck length in hte first place. That's been done enough. I feel like my dealer had some sort of 24 hour or 5 day period for things like this. I would think most dealers would be a little understanding, especially if you're talking about getting another vehicle from them. It's not like you're wanting to return this and just walk away.
  6. My experience with GM is that they aren't great on covering stuff under warranty either. I understand that they don't make money if they pay for parts, but I'd be steamed too. At least it sounds like it was a cheap fix?
  7. Tool chest combo

    I've never really thought about it. Now that you mention it, I feel like it takes a little effort to pull them open, but nothing that's ever annoyed me. And I'm annoyed by LOTS of things in this world. I think I prefer the drawer openings/closings on the Husky over that of my older Craftsman box. There's no resistance whatsoever either way, and it seems odd.
  8. Replacement Key and Remote

    I . . . didn't know this was a thing. BRB
  9. This is a neat idea. My wife's Enclave has the console shift and sometimes I'll drive it "manually" just for kicks.
  10. Tool chest combo

    I have the 41" Husky Combo chest, for 2.5 or 3 years now. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-41-in-16-Drawer-Tool-Chest-and-Cabinet-Combo-Black-VRC-4116BK/303499569 It's awesome. Way better than the 26" Craftsman it replaced. Well . . . supplemented. I agree that the short drawers are nice. But I really dig the deep drawers on the bottom. I have circular saws, belt sanders, things like that in them. They had a wider one, but I had a specific spot this thing was going, so I was limited. I'm impressed with the build quality. The steel is heavy, the drawers slide well. Casters are pretty heavy duty. It's not a Snap On or Matco or anything like that. But For the $500 I paid, I'm very happy.
  11. I love my Chevy and dislike the Tundras. Mainly because how different they are. If you are used to your Tundra and like it, I think it'd be really hard to switch.
  12. Silverado HD revealed

    That is one ugly truck. I get that the big ugly grills are the new trend on HD trucks, but . . .
  13. Tire pressure obsession

    I think the OP needs more serious things to worry about in his life than a 1 psi drop in tire pressure. I don't buy the Nitrogen being much better than regular air either. Though I will say, I bought this truck in April 2017, and I think just now added air a few weeks ago. Didn't touch it last winter, and we had some cold days.
  14. Looks great dude! I have a 2017 Pepperdust Silverado. And like you, wasn't going in there looking for that color. But I really like it. It kinda changes color depending on the weather.
  15. My last truck had the jump seat, so I never knew this was a thing. Sounds like it would have been a good idea!
  16. I wish there were a way to turn that off! By the time I'm out of the garage and going, it warns me several blocks too late! And I'm not a moron, so I know if it's cold and precipitous, there could be ice on the road.
  17. winter driving

    I always put sand in my 1999 RCSB 2WD truck. It helped a lot. For the first two winters in my 2007 CCSB 4x4 truck I did also. But one year I didn't get around to it, and I couldn't tell any difference. I put it in Auto when it is snowing or the roads are wet/icy. That seemed to be enough. My 2017 CCSB 4x4 is not nearly as sure footed in the snow, even with Auto 4x4 engaged. I think it's the factory tires. I should replace them, but I'm too cheap. Will probably try the sand this winter to see if it helps.
  18. I don't know about the unlock button. Mine has the programmable seats, with a position 1 & 2 on the door. And a third position meant to go "all the way back" for exiting. My wife's Buick you can tap the buttons and they'll go to their programmed position. My truck you have to hold the button down.
  19. Hell my wife's Buick has it too. I never understand why GM is so different across their brands with stuff like this.
  20. New Silverado Commercial

    I'm an engineer so I have an embedded hatred of anything marketing and marketing related. But GM's marketing department is really bad. Like inept. This commercial is better than those "real people reacting to cars behind doors" or the "That's a Buick?!?" commercials, but just barely. 8 trim packages??? Stop the presses!!!!!!!!
  21. I want to have the power memory seats be a "one-press" button as well. Why do I have to hold the button down???
  22. What have you done to your K2 today?

    It's crazy these trucks don't come with that. The front ones are covered. But yeah . . . they'll go down flat.
  23. Battery life

    My last two trucks had the OEM battery crap out about 3 years in. So I'm going to be very nervous in another 1.5 years!
  24. Awesome. My first truck had the 4.3 in it, and it was very good on fuel. I'd get over 20 in fair driving conditions. And high teens in bad conditions.

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