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  1. Probably true. It changed in 2007, so it's only been 13 years. Give it some time!
  2. I don't hate the yellow. I wouldn't buy one, but I think it looks fine
  3. There should be a "Folder View" you can go into. I believe it's a little buried, but I know I have a folder full of assorted songs, and they can all show up. It may be under the menu or something like that.
  4. You'd have to drive a million miles to justify the gas savings to swap out the 454
  5. Yeah. I'm not especially claustrophobic, but a big dude, and this sounds terrifying.
  6. Sure. As soon as I can drive 300 or 400 miles, stop for 5 minutes, and go for another 300 miles then I will. I'm fascinated by electric vehicles, but the infrastructure has a long ways to go before I'm going to switch over. Especially in flyover country.
  7. I made it a point not to get black in this truck. I love the cocoa dune. My wife's Buick has black interior, and it is warmer inside. In fact, I still have scars from my mom's dark blue vinyl station wagon seats. I think you could have seared steaks on those things.
  8. Mine will sometimes be on a different screen when I turn it on. This is the DIC, beside the speedometer. But I've never actually seen it happen. And there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to when. I'd be curious to know if there's a way to fix this.
  9. I have mine just in a cheap Uncle Mike's holster. For a smaller gun (Ruger LC9) I can clip in right on that little cubby towards the front of the console. The lid still shuts and everything.
  10. Sounds like a lousy deal. I don't know anything about camper batteries, but it does sound like an electrical problem to me. Low battery, or bad connection, or something.
  11. I've had my 2017 for 2.5 years now and just recently have a pair of sunglasses that fit in the holder. It is pretty cool, just to rub it in What I wish I had is the storage behind the radio. A coworker has a Yukon Denali. THAT is pretty wicked.
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