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  1. I've had my 2017 for 2.5 years now and just recently have a pair of sunglasses that fit in the holder. It is pretty cool, just to rub it in What I wish I had is the storage behind the radio. A coworker has a Yukon Denali. THAT is pretty wicked.
  2. I think I might finally put these on my truck. My birthday is coming up, seems like a decent gift for myself!
  3. Mine does this too, but only forgets the USB favorites. It seems to be happen if I turn the truck off while playing USB. But not every time. Maybe every few months.
  4. I really like the Du-ha one. Do you not? I had one in my 2007 and again in this 2017. I got the Tan and it looks really nice with my cocoa/dune Silverado.
  5. I just so happened to spend a couple hours riding with someday in a 2018 Colorado yesterday. It's a 2018, crew cab, LTZ. I'm glad I didn't go that direction for my 2017 Silverado. There was just two guys in it, and we each had sufficient room. We are both kinda tall, but there was zero leg room in that back seat. No way that a car seat, or partially grown adult would fit in there. For him, it's a work vehicle, and it's fine for that. The back seat is solely used for "storage."
  6. I probably should buy the Colorado. I don't tow/haul that much, and when I do, it's something bulky, not heavy. But I just can't bring myself to do it for the price. I'm also a big dude, and I prefer the 'size' of the Silverado's cabin. My wife's grandfather bought a new Colorado in 2007/2008, simply since he always drove S10's, and liked that size of truck. Just couldn't bring himself to buying a car. But it cost more than my 2007 Silverado did at the time.
  7. I was raised on a farm and we did everything ourselves. EVERYTHING. But now with a family of my own, I've opted for paying somebody to do lots of things. Vehicle maintenance fell in that category when I had my first kid. There's a good one-man-shop mechanic that I can walk to from work, and he'll change oil for $40 (approx). My time is worth more than that. Even if I had everything laid out, an oil change would take me over an hour by the time you count cleanup. And my time is worth more than $40 per hour. Especially now with 2 kids, both under 4, I don't even have time to crap at home!
  8. That's crazy. My regular S10 seems to be too wide for my charging tray, even without a case. Certainly not with my fairly slim case. Maybe I need to monkey with the position a bit more.
  9. Not that I've noticed. They're gone gone. It's the same whether it's an "Album," "Artist," or "Playlist." It seems to be worse if I've playing off the USB drive and shut the truck off. But not every time, though.
  10. I've posted on this before, but my '17 will randomly drop all my USB playlists and such from my favorites. No apparent rhyme or reason . . .
  11. Well things can always be worse. But they can always be better!
  12. I had a similar issue on my 2007 Silverado many years ago. It would many times not start, sometimes die while driving, sometimes the dash would light up like a Christmas tree (stabilitrack, traction control, ABS, etc.) I found that if I would wiggle the battery cables it would usually start, at least. Under warranty, I had the GM dealer look at this 3 or 4 times, one time dying on the service bay floor, could not duplicate. After that last time, it magically healed. I'm convinced it was a bad connection at the battery, or a bad connection down deeper. I don't know exactly what fixed it, but I would start by making damn sure you've got solid connections everywhere.
  13. I don't think this worked with my S7 Edge, unless it was plugged in. Just picked up a S10 over the weekend, will have to try this out. Would be handy.
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