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  1. What have you done to your K2 today?

    It's crazy these trucks don't come with that. The front ones are covered. But yeah . . . they'll go down flat.
  2. Battery life

    My last two trucks had the OEM battery crap out about 3 years in. So I'm going to be very nervous in another 1.5 years!
  3. He and a few other guys said something similar to me a month or so back in another thread. I'm guessing he works at GM in the manual department.
  4. Awesome. My first truck had the 4.3 in it, and it was very good on fuel. I'd get over 20 in fair driving conditions. And high teens in bad conditions.
  5. The buying process is rough when money matters

    I hate dealers. I wish you could just buy a vehicle like everything else in the world. When I go buy a new shirt I don't have to go back and forth and argue with 3 different people.
  6. My 2007 had this issue where I'd be driving and it seemed like I'd lose all electrical for a split second. Then it'd stumble back on, full of lights. Several times the truck would not start until I'd go 'wiggle' the battery cables. The dealership could not ever duplicate this issue, despite the fact it would not start in the service bay until we wiggled the cables. Anywho, after 2 or 3 times they unhooked and checked all battery cable connections. It never did it again after this point; I probably had the truck another 7 or 8 years after that. I'm convinced it was a bad ground that got accidentally fixed during that last service. I stopped going to that dealer, even though it was only 1 mile from my house.
  7. Rear defrost

    Sorry guys. I should have went out to the truck and looked at the manual.
  8. Rear defrost

    So . . . if I have heated rear window, how do I turn on my heated mirrors? Or do I not have them? Or is it like my GMT900 where they come on with my rear window?
  9. Is there a way to make the power seats a single press button, rather than having to hold it down? Like my other GM vehicle or any other one on the market? I'd pay a few bucks for that.
  10. This happens to me every 50th time or so. Not very often, but enough that I've noticed it.
  11. You can't "mirror" the screen on the factory equipment. You can use any Android Auto App in the newer trucks, but that's about 6 apps in total. Still a nice feature, but you can't play a video on the screen from your phone.
  12. It's doable on later trucks. Maybe '15 and up?
  13. Crew cab vs double cab

    I have a kid in a rear facing seat and a kid in a front facing seat in my crew cab. I'm a tall fellow, but I wish there was MORE legroom for them. I have to slide my seat up further than I'd like to get the car seat in. I have no experience with a modern double cab, but I know a front facing carseat barely fits in the backseat of my dad's 2005 Chevy extended cab.
  14. Idiot scratch

    That's why with any vehicle I buy, I curb it, throw some branches in the bed, and drive close to semi-trailers. Just to get it over with . . . Seriously though, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

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