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Problem with switching gears, very strange.



I drive a 2008 sierra 1500 4wd and A few times lately when ive been driving at around 50-60 km/h the truck will just rev up to about 4 grand as if its stuck in first gear, it doesnt feel like its shifting down although it could be but thats how it feels. I pull over and trying putting it in park or neutral and try driving again but it wont go away until I turn the truck off and back on again. Luckily it hasnt happened on the highway yet im sure it would do some damage. I would take it to gm as it still has powertrain warranty left but they refused to do anything under warranty because i installed a 3.5" lift on it even though they assured me it wouldnt void my warranty, but thats another battle.

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what ?????



i would freak the phuc out !!!!


let us know what happens,i was a tranny guy and cant wait to hear the crap that they are sellin,,


you have other resources ,,by that i mean district service managers,,,sit down with dealer principal and service manager first,,,,,,statement from the person that said that about being covered,( i assume the service mgr)


oh man !!


BTW,i've said this before here


dealers HATE when a pissed off district service manager(DSM) (term used up here in Canada) comes a callin !!


could be Regional service mgr down thar,IDK lol

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