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2003 Z71 with grinding/noise in 4wd *** need help asap* in Salt Lake..



Ok i just noticed this and so i started trouble shooting and i think it's the transfer case but need to be pointed in the right direction. I have a 2003 Silverado Z71 with 115k miles and i've noticed when on decel in 4wd there is a grinding/buzzing sound coming from the truck and it only does it in all time 4wd. When i have it in auto 4 or 2wd mode the truck is quiet as can be(Auto 4 when it's not actually engaged in4wd) dropped the front diff fluid and it was fine so i replaced it with new, no change. didn't drop the transfer case fluid because i think if i do it's only a waste as the damage is done already if the noise is like this. Anyway i checked the shaft coming from the transfer case to the front diff and there is no play and if spins just fine. It's seems to me the trouble is in the transfer case :( Any pointers, things to do? Would changing out the transfer case fluid be worth the money and time or is it to late? ~Cole~


P.S. I'm on a job in Salt Lake and if anyone knows a good shop to have look at it that'd be great as well.

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Well took it to a dealer in Salt Lake and they looked at the fluid, drove it, and check out all play in parts and whatnot and said the truck is.perfectly fine. He put it on a lift in 4wd and listened with a scope and said he hears nothing abnormal. It's cool because they could have just as easily said it was the front diff and said it needed a rebuild but they didn't

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