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2007 Yukon XL issues


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Last week I took my wife's 2007 Yukon XL to the dealer to have it checked out as there has been a very annoying intermittent electrical whine coming through the passenger rear speakers (only). In checking things out they found the ride compressor was shot, so they replaced that thinking the old compressor was laboring and running too much causing the electrical noise. Also, as part of the process, they hooked the vehicle up to the computer and they installed 5 updates.


Since we got the vehicle back, the noise is still there, and now the seat memory, heated seat (driver's only), and remote start no longer work. The dealer is trying to tell me that a heating element is shot causing the other things to not work. I call BS as I used the heated seat on the way over to the dealer before they worked on it.


They have since ordered new heating elements, and two new speakers. Seems to me that the noise in the speakers is caused by something other than the speakers themselves.


So I'm stuck. The dealer refuses to believe that the seat issues are due to either something they did or the update, and they don't really have a clue where to start for the electrical noise. I've suggested they test the alternator, the head unit, and the wiring, and they ordered new speakers. Unless I want to drive 100 miles this is the service I'm stuck with.


Any advice or pointers for either issue are greatly appreciated.

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My wife had to take the Yukon on a trip this weekend, and I have a couple updates. The remote start now works - most of the time. It will occasionally just make the lights blink like normal, click, then nothing. If you try again, it may or may not work.


When it does start with the remote start, the driver seat heats up during the warm-up period like normal with the remote start, but the little indicator lights on the door don't light up. Once you put the key in and the vehicle returns to 'normal' running mode, the seat turns off and you can't turn it back on with the button.

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