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trans code p0894 help

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I have a 2006 Chevy Silverado 2500 hd 6.0 liter Trans 4l80E, it only has 58,000 miles and just through a code P0894. Does anyone know what the problem might be? The code stands for Trans Componenet slipping, Does anyone know the sourse of the problem? The Trans when it warms up shifts hard through 1-2,2-3,4- over drive, the tmep is reading about 180 when driving down the highway for 15 min. or so. Does anyone know what the cause of this could be?


I already replaced the 1-2 shift solenoid, TCC solenoid, Trans fluid d6 and filter.

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im not gonna tell you how many possible things it can be be ,


there is a bulletin on the code for several things as well,you can not fix this ,,,,,,,,if you had only take it in in first place instead of throwing parts at it and of course an oil change to boot as the tech can not see the condition of the oil ....


i hate to see a new member try all the crap there friends say to try and then here they are at this site


makes me nuts ...you are far from the first person or the last to do this


i was so mad i didnt paste the code description for you


Circuit Description


The powertrain control module?(PCM) monitors the engine speed and the transmission output shaft speed. The PCM calculates turbine shaft speed and torque converter clutch?(TCC) slip speed by using inputs from the automatic transmission input shaft speed sensor?(AT?ISS), automatic transmission output shaft speed sensor?(AT?OSS), and other transmission components. The forward clutch housing is used as the AT?ISS rotor. Whenever the TCC is engaged, engine speed and turbine speed will closely match, indicating low TCC slip speed. In D3, with the TCC engaged, calculated transmission component slip can only occur in the torque converter. In D4 OVERDRIVE, with the TCC engaged, transmission component slip can occur in the TCC or the fourth clutch assembly.


If the PCM detects an excessive TCC slip speed in D4 OVERDRIVE, when the TCC should be engaged, then DTC?P0894 sets. DTC?P0894 is a type?C?DTC. For California emissions vehicles, DTC?P0894 is a type?B?DTC.


DTC Descriptor


take it to a dealer with a tranny tech,,or do what ever you want i guess


broken record off ...sorry bud ,not mad at you

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