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Door Lock Issue

lil Scriv


I have done some searching on here and have had no success so I figured I would just give up and ask.


First off the Truck is a 2004 2500 Crew Cad Diesel. I bought the Truck used and have had the Problem since I got it.


The issue is the front and left rear power door locks don't work, They won't unlock or lock. they operate fine by hand and with the key in the Door, the right rear door work fine. unlocks and locks just as expected. you can't hear any clicking or binding at any of the Doors with the Issue, I haven't had much time to mess with it and I was wondering if Y'all could give me a good starting point. what I suspect might be the problem is some kind of Fuse/ Relay/Circuit Breaker is tripped or blown for the front doors and the left rear is a bad actuator it is My understanding that the Rear doors work separately from the front, I have checked all the Door lock related fuses i could find and the two relays I could find and they were all fine. That's all I've got for now any more info I need to provide I will just ask. I'm Mechanically inclined just need a good point in the Right direction.


Thanks in advance.



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