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Paintless dent repair in Nashville, TN


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I had something fall on the hood of my truck the other day and it left a small dent. Pencil eraser/pea sized dent. Just enough to see it and annoy me.


I need a paintless dent repair to get it out. I know there are some people in the Nashville, TN area on here and was hoping somebody knew of a good paintless dent repair place in the area, preferably in the Hermitage or Mt. Juliet area.


We have a Price's near here but I don't know how much they would charge to pop the dent out. I thought about calling my dealer on Monday and see who they use for small dents, etc.

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Up here in ohio we have a guy who travels around he normally hits certin shop on diffrent days i know he does a few body shops and most of the dealers


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