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While Driving all gauages flash on and then back off



The user name says it all "Novice", but was wondering if anyone could help. While driving my 2000 GMC Sierra (161k miles) all the instruments will flash on and then off; the needles on the gauges will drop to zero and then bounce back up. It is quite unnerving when this happens, especially when driving down the express way. I cant tell if I loose all power to the vehicle when this happens because it is only for a brief moment (it fells like forever at times). Not having a huge amount of technical/mechanical skill I have looked over the battery connections, and other obvious connections and found nothing out of what I would call the ordinary.


Thank you

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Sounds like a possible stepper motor problem in your gauge cluster. I've seen quite a few threads about similiar type symptoms. Try a search for stepper motors, should be able to point you to the right direction.

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