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PO 171/174 on 2003 5.3 Silverado AGAIN





I have had replaced by dealer since November 2011 through last week:


Plugs and wires

Fuel Filter


Fuel Pump X 2 yes twice

Fuel Control Mod

Air Filter

Intake Gaskets

Injector O Rings

3 out of 4 of the 02 sensors

I have had the alternator and battery checked thinking it may be a low voltage issue


Upon getting my truck back last week having installed the Fuel Pressure Reg, the light came on within 30 miles. I called the dealer and they now want to replace injector rails because it "may" have issues. I have $1800.00 in this and am fed up.


Any ideas?




[email protected]

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I disconnected the MAF plug and drove it for 50 miles. My truck would die under 15mph. It threw codes 102 (MAF) and 171/174 lean bank 1&2. Here is what was unusual, I plug the MAF back up and within 2 miles all codes go away and truck runs better. Still seems to be missing a bit and the idle is a bit off, fuel economy is terrible but now I am thinking injectors. Is there a way to test for the injector performance?

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First suggestion would be to find another dealer ... or call corporate on this one ....

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lean Bank 1 and Bank 2 are the only codes.


And yes I will find another dealer. About 20 35 miles to next dealer.


I disconnected the vac line on brake booster. Truck dies almost instantly. I am at a loss.

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