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Tired of PO (planned obolesence)


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I'm putting a 1970 GM 3500 back on the road as a daily hauler. Put a Cornbinder 7.3 Indirect injection Diesel in front of a ZF 6 speed and all The axles and running gear from a dead 89 6.2 L R3500. The original truck had a 6 cyl 150 cid with a 5:13 rear end. Stump puller but no use on the highway.

Makes an awesome truck 24 MPG (Canadian Gallon) no air bags, no computer, no e test, no diesel particulate filter, no catalytic converter,.

Hauls about 2 tons legal on a 8' X 12" Galvanized flatbed.

I just got tired of the planned obsolessence in new trucks, the complexity and the lack of rustproofing and other things. This truck is really simple and I don't have to get towed off the highway anymore!

I have a question if anyone can answer. The 89 3500 had a load control of some sort connected to the rear brakes. A lever sems to control pressure to the rear wheel cylinders. Is it needed or can I just leave it out. The rear drums are 13 X3 1/2 shoes fronts are the 3500 series disks with Hydra boost master from the 89.

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