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Heated Seat Haunted


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Hi all. After searching the forum and the net for answers, I'm stumped on my 2005 GMC Sierra drivers side heated seat. It cycles on and off and through the heat ranges all on it's own. It's really a bear in the middle of summer with the seat burning you up.


Here is the catch that I haven't found in any internet searches. Mine only does this when the drivers door is closed. With the door open it operates normally.


I pulled the door panel and inspected the switch. Nothing seems out of the ordinary...all solder joints are good and the circuit board is clean, etc.


For now I have unplugged the elements but it keeps trying cycle and you can hear the clicking noise under the seat.


I have opened the door and manipulated the encased wires that come from the cab into the door a dozen times and nothing changes. Close the door and it freaks out.


A switch replacement would be easy enough and for $65 or so I'm good with that.


I'd really like them to work like they're supposed to, but I'm just as fine with no heated seat without the constant cycling and clicking under the seat.


Looking for help please?

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I'm wondering if your Driver Door Module is bad. This would be your Power Window and Lock control which is what this Heated Seat plugs into. Makes me wonder since you mention it seems to be related to the door being closed and that module knows when the door is closed

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Ohhhh. I'm gonna look for a wire that's been rubbed and is shorting out or something first. At first it seemed it was just something that happened when it rained or was wet out, but now it's turned into a constant thing. Maybe there is a wire that was rubbing on the door jam or somewhere that is now bad enough to cause this full time.


Thanks for the information.

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