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What should oil pressure gauge read on a 2011 5.3?



I have a 2011 Silverado Z71, 5.3 with 70K miles. I have a question as to what oil pressure gauge reading I should be seeing on my truck. When I first started my truck this morning, it read around 50 lbs of oil pressure. Once I drove 4 miles or so and got on the interstate, I looked at it a few miles later. Over the course of a 40 mile ride on the interstate to work, it read between 32-38 lbs on the oil pressure gauge. I could get it to go up to 40 but it required getting on the throttle pretty good to simulate a passing situation. I think I seem to remember it staying at 40 lbs during interstate travel over the life of the truck so far. Is the current pressure readings something to be concerned about? I am curious if this is a sign of a lifter going out or something else to have checked out. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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My 09 in right on the minimum specs, burns a liter per 1000kms. Damn, I picked a winner of a used truck!


My dealer says my issues with my truck is normal and won't take the time to look into it further. I guess I'll run it until its knocking and then they can fix it.



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normal my butt,,,check this.......


Oil Consumption Diagnosis

Oil Consumption Diagnosis



Excessive oil consumption, not due to leaks, is the use of 1 L (1 qt) or more
of engine oil within 3 200 kilometers (2,000 miles).


The causes of excessive oil consumption may include the following conditions:

  • External oil leaks

    Refer to Oil Leak

  • Incorrect oil level or improper reading of the oil level indicator

    With the vehicle on a level surface, run the engine for a few minutes, allow
    adequate drain down time, 2–3 minutes, and measure for the correct engine oil

  • Improper oil viscosity

    Refer to the vehicle owners manual and use the recommended SAE grade and
    viscosity for the prevailing temperatures.

  • Continuous high speed driving and/or severe usage

  • Crankcase ventilation system restrictions or malfunctioning components

    Refer to Crankcase
    Ventilation System Inspection/Diagnosis

  • Worn valve guides and/or valve stems

  • Worn or improperly installed valve stem oil seals

    Refer to Spark Plug

  • Piston rings broken, worn, or not seated properly

    Allow adequate time for the rings to seat.

    Replace worn piston rings, as necessary.

    Refer to Cylinder
    Leakage Test

  • Piston and rings improperly installed or not fitted to the cylinder bore

    Refer to Lower Engine
    Noise, Regardless of Engine Speed

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I changed my oil 2600 miles ago on my 2011. Checked my dipstick the other day and it was a hair down from when I changed it. It took 7 ounces of oil to get me back to my mark on the dipstick. Truck has 70K miles on it. Would you guys view this is acceptable?

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