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2006 1500 lift+ lots f work to do

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hi folks

my 1500 need a good steering job, suspension and i would like to put in a lift kit at the same time. after a lo of offroad, everything starts to go. the list is a page long. . . .

doors are hard to close, rear suspesion go some loose in it, need a windshield, lots of rock chips, all the interior start to be noisy and it bothers me, all fluid change(its due), t-case servo,airbag sensor, 02 sensor, upper and lower ball joint, tie rod and tie rod ends, p/s pump, pitman arm, idler arm

i am debating if i will change the lower control arm bushings

need good quality shocks

i will probably find new stuff as i start fixing it.


if i am to do the steering ball joints, i'll upgrade a little.

is there any good product on the market that is affordable and offroad oriented ?

i was thinking moog for the ball joints, bilstein b6 for the shocks

if i can go better(reasonably), i'll do it.



the other problem is the lift kit.

i will be hauling an enclosed trailer soon and will put airbags on the rear axle, hopefully i can use these to lift about 1in.

as fo the front end, i am not too sure if i need these adaptors on the torsion bars(the kit made by readylift) of if i can simply screw in that bolt. how high can i lift before its no longer possible to adjut the camber with the factory control arms.





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How big of a lift? If your just going to level it, it is safe to crank the keys up to 2 inches. Aftermarket keys are just so you can get the torsion bar adjustment bolts back to stock setting. Sounds like your doing what I did, I rebuild my entire front and rear suspension when I installed my RCX lift kit. Replaced all ball joints, inner and outer tie rod ends, new control arm bushings, 2500HD leaf spring packings, and new bushings for those as well. All the bushings are polyurethane, helps the truck handle better. Wait to get shocks if you get a level kit, they will need to be extended shocks

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