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5.6 2007 silveraldo stated smoking (heavy) with a funny smell. looked as if a liquid was coming out of tailpipes it never missed. I was sitting still at a drive threw and then it quit ? It seems i did not loose any water or oil and there is no water in my oil. Truck is running as nothing happened. 165,000 miles

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Thats the show. I looked it up and found the episode. It was the one on the triumph TR6. All it says about the coolant though is "conventional water based coolant flushed and replaced with synthetic 'water free' coolant". They never turned the bottle to show the label.


I know this is getting off topic, but, I really like the idea of no pressurized cooling system. The pressurized cooling system we currently use, makes use of the natural pressure increase due to thermal expansion to raise the boiling point of the coolant. Pretty sure I was told(back in trade school days before Canada went metric) it was about 3 degrees increase for every pound of pressure. So the 14 pound rad cap could keep coolant from boiling up to just over 250 degrees. Problem with that is that as soon as the cap vents, you get this superheated steam coming at you, with water that is way over its boiling point now that the cap released pressure. This new fluid can't ever do that. The fluid can get very hot, but it is a stable hot liquid. Lack of pressure is easier on all parts of cooling system. They also claim never change since the liquid does not corrode or become acidic like glycol does.

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I would imagine the engine size is wrong to FFS. Should have been 5.3. If the smoke had a sweet smell to it (if you breath it in through your mouth it may make your mouth water. If so, that is coolant. It does not take much to create a good steam cloud. It may only leak at certain engine temp and coolant pressure as well. Keep an eye on the coolant level,

You could try pulling the plugs out and looking at the colour of the tip. Look for one plug being a different colour. I think you will find you have either a head gasket leaking into the cylinder, or a porous casting leaking into one cylinder.

Don't be so quick to think the oil is just oil. Oil and coolant don't mix, and coolant will sit at the bottom of the pan. If this is just starting, it may not have made it down to the pan yet.

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Head gaskets can leak a few ways. If you have the very beginning of a leak between a water passage and the cylinder, you may not feel anything. It will get worse over time, and will cause a slight miss once it starts to leak over a wider range of engine temperature. I think you will find the leak has just started, only leaks under specific conditions. A head gasket can act like a flapper valve, only letting coolant into cylinder when coolant is under pressure, and engine is on intake stroke. Once pressure in cylinder is higher than coolant pressure, the engine will push cylinder gases into coolant. Eventually the gasket will fail completely and will leak under all conditions. You can get a tester that can test for combustion fumes in the coolant.

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I saw a product on tv the other day that claims to be a replacement engine coolant that does not expand when heated, its natural boiling point is 180 degrees C, freezing point is -40c. I did not catch the name of the product, but, it has a special fluid you use first to remove all water and glycol from the system. This fluid can be filtered when you remove it from the system and reused on another engine to remove water and coolant. This new waterless coolant does not create pressure when heated to operating temp, so, that means you do not need a rad cap, you could use just a twist or threaded cap. This stuff was 4 or 5 times the price of glycol coolant. It does not need changing, ever.

With no pressure being created, any small leaks you have won't leak, those border line water pump leaks will have to wait until they are bigger leaks. Maybe someone here caught the name of the product. The show was the one with the two guys from England that pick up a car, redo it and sell it off at end of show. Mechanics name is Ed.

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