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2014 Silverado slow to start

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I have 5,000 miles on my Silverado LT and ever since I got the truck it seems like it takes a long time to turn over. The problem has only gotten worse in the cold weather. It has always started, but I would expect a brand new truck to fire up right away. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Yes, it is slow to turn over. I thought about the battery to then dismissed it because it is a brand new truck. I will be taking it in for its first service shortly and have them test it.


Thank you.

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Do you have the little crappy factory battery? What a cheap out move, they put them even in the plow trucks, JUNK>!


If you plan on being out in the boonies or in remote areas at all hours of the night. Just forget the GM Winnie batt and go buy a good large cap battery and be headache free.


I was going to put a good set of duals in my 2014 but am holding off. The truck has so many problems I don't want to throw the money away if I have to dump it.

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